{8 months}

I almost missed this and it's days late as it is. June FLEW by. I have no idea how tomorrow is July 1st and our babe is a month older {and his sister is that much closer to 3}! Either way it's been a fun and busy month with our Ry guy. Watching him master crawling, standing, stairs and experiencing so much freedom {to get to his sisters!} had been a lot of fun {most of the time}.
He's a real mamas boy these days which can be tiring for both Justin and I but I know it's a season. Delainey went through it and I am just trying to enjoy him at every stage he is at because clearly they fly by. He really is a happy guy most of the time unless he's sleepy and he does that to himself!

14lbs 3 oz - this was 2 months ago clearly I should weigh him. ;)

Bow ties c/o Will&Co,

27 inches

He typically takes 2 naps everyday. One around 8:00am and another around 1:30pm some last 1-1.5 hours some 20 minutes. Lately he's been sleeping all night for the most part. He sometimes wakes up and cries for a few minutes and puts himself back to sleep during the night. He goes to bed by 7:30pm then he wakes up around 4-5am most days for the day - way too early. Sometimes I can luck out and get him back to sleep for a bit but usually just in time for Delainey to come get us to go potty. ;)

{feeding & eating}
He is still nursing about 4 times a day but mainly just on demand {always before naps and bed} basically when he wants it during the day, there is no timing to it.
He eats whatever we eat at meal time and is one happy boy eating and feeding himself. He loves snack time too and sharing fruit with Delainey. She loves "helping" to feed him.
There is nothing we have given him that he doesn't seem to like or love. He does a little happy dance when you know he loves something.
When we are out or for picnics he has Love Child Organics purees {Super Blends and Simple Firsts} and sucks those back very happily.

{diaper size}
Size 2 (Kirkland brand)

Shorts are 0-3 months or 3-6 months. But for the most part everything else is 6-12 months.

^ onesie Portage & Main

{hair color}
Brown but a tinge of redish and is definitely lightening up.

LOVES food. Mom.
Exploring and getting into EVERYthing.
Crawling. Standing. Cruising. Going up the stairs.
Trying to play with anything Delainey is playing with.
Sliding with Delainey. Chasing Delainey {me holding him and running after her}
Playing with toys. Putting everything in his mouth mainly nature.
Water table. Joint baths. Water in general.

Being tired or hungry.
Laying still for diaper changes and getting dressed.
When you say no & stop him from breaking Delainey's Lego cakes - which is a daily occurrence.

{moments to remember}
Cruises furniture and climbs our big stair case.
Pulls himself up on anything. Expert at climbing my legs.
Ate his first real meal in a restaurant yesterday and loved it. Pasta and bread are his and his sisters favorites I think.

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