{weekend rewind}


We had a really amazing weekend. Friday after dinner we spent time outside playing while Justin dug out dandelions. We both have {almost blisters} from doing this and every day there are more.

Saturday morning Justin was heading out to Kananaskis for his bike ride and at the last minute I decided to join him with the kids and go for a hike around Barrier Lake. I LOVE Barrier Lake. It's so pretty and such a nice little getaway.

It was really windy at first by thankfully calmed down as we got a little further away from the lake. We walked 3.5km around and then I started getting a wee bit nervous {I did have our trusty bear spray} so turned around.

Cruz needed a swim so we stopped as soon as we got back close to the lake for a swim and snack. Delainey attempted to throw ALL the rocks in the lake.

And Ryder attempted to taste every stick and rock. I eventually stopped fighting him on it.

We had a lovely little set up until Delainey had to go potty. This fiasco lasted about half an hour as she wouldn't use the outhouse {she has before} and was NOT hearing me when I was telling her about how when we are camping or hiking we sometimes squat and pee in the woods. HA!
 So eventually when it got to the point I knew she was going to have an accident I stripped her down and just let her go. Thank goodness for wipes! :) 

 Thankfully at this point we had found our own little private "tree house" as Delainey called it so we weren't right on the beach for this and I also fed Ryder in there.

After about 2 hours Justin was done so we had a picnic in the tree house and then called it a day as Ryder was getting sleepy.

^ our tops are c/o Live Love North

The kids napped the whole way home so them and I headed out to get groceries and let Justin stay home and nap with the dog.
The rest of the day was spent outside in the backyard.

Ryder wants to crawl so bad is SO close.

 ^ Harem shorts Portage and Main, moccs c/o Posh Panda - he lives in these right now in his barefeet.

Sunday morning came early as both kids were up around 5am. And wide awake. Yuck. So Justin went to cuddle with D in her bed and I fed Ryder in our bed but it was clear neither were going back to sleep so we all got up.

Justin made a delicious French Toast breakfast and they spoiled me with an amazing home made card {that Delainey told me they made earlier in the week. Working on the word "surprise". ;)} as well as pretty diamond necklace. {I said no gifts!}
We played {Justin & Ryder napped} until it was time to get ready to go meet up with my family.

We stopped at Starbucks so I could grab a coffee {Flat White - yum} and then headed to Jeff & Jolie's with my parents. We hung out and had another coffee and then went to our favorite park in Elboya by their house.

Poor Jolie has a 4th degree sprained ankle from landing on it catching a baseball. :(

From there we headed down to Stanley Park for a picnic that Jeff and Jolie packed.

Justin proving his photography skills yet again. tee hee

Kids napped on the way home of course so Justin walked Cruz when we got home while I fed Ryder. 

Justin went for another nap {lucky guy} while we prepped dinner and played "shopping" and colored until Gramma Debbie arrived for dinner. Justin BBQ'd a delicious dinner and then it was time for bed very soon after that as we had 2 very tired kids. 
I hope everyone had a very Happy Mother's Day weekend!

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Bex said...

Sounds like another fun weekend. Too funny about the outhouse incident. We had a similar one here, Liam had to go when we were at Coolbeans, the bus turned coffee shop. There's only a portapotty for a bathroom and Liam used it once before no problem, but last week he opened the lid and then refused to go. I mean, I don't blame him but....haha.

Leigh said...

Barrier Lake looks beautiful! I've never been there. I love D's face when she went down the slide- so cute! Haha Justin's photography skills are superb. Maybe he pretends to be bad so he doesn't have to do it ;)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Barrier Lake looks so nice!! Justin's photography skills are like Chad's lol.
Avery used her first porta potty this weekend at the race and I was shocked she used it, twice nonetheless!

Ashley said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!! Your hike was gorgeous!!! Ugh I wish we had those views here!!! That is soo funny about D's potty issue haha. I tried to get Noah to pee in the yard and it was a complete fail... He needed new pants by the end of it. He is not quite ready to stand and pee!! Haha. That's too bad about Jolie!! Those air casts are no fun!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend with lots of time outdoors! I love finding tree houses like the one you did. I tend to see something like that on every hiking trail I go on.

I'm glad you were spoiled on Mother's Day! Justin is such a sweet guy to surprise you with a necklace!

Gabriella said...

What a beautiful hike! Looks like a great Mother's Day! So sorry for Jolie and her ankle - hope she is better soon!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What a great weekend! Barrier Lake is beautiful! I've never been but now I want to go! Do you guys camp in the summer?