{Week + End Rewind}

As I mentioned in my last weekend recap - Justin was off on Tuesday and we went swimming. 
As did my cell phone. Luckily {for Justin!} it survived!

And we have proof of the incident! HA

We spent most of the afternoon in the backyard.

Justin and the kids doing their tricks!

Wednesday we dropped Ryder off with Gramma and then we headed downtown for the Fred Penner concert. I am not sure who was more excited {probably me!} but she had SO much fun which made me so happy!

She wasn't heavy enough to keep the seat from folding up on her so I had to hold it open but she decided to sit on my lap for the concert anyways. {Only negative was it was A BILLION degrees in there!}

They were so unorganized for seating as it wasn't assigned seating and with it being Kids Fest there were lots of school going too so the public had very little spots to sit.  
 Thankfully there really isn't a bad seat at the Jack Singer.

She had a great time. He played SO many songs she knew and sang along and had her "dancing fingers" going the whole time. Every song she knew that he started singing she'd turn to me and say "I know this song". So cute.

Took a little walk downtown before heading back to get Ryder. Such a fun morning with me girl.

 ^ Urban Cowgirl kimono

One of Delainey's after nap outfit. Perfect for long walks in the ravine and bug watching.

Busted in Cruz's water bowl.

This is where you play in water!

She thinks splashing Ryder and myself is hilarious. She is lucky Ryder isn't fazed by it. Me on the other hand. I splash back and then her world ends. ;)

Thursday we had joint baths. AKA where my grey hairs start popping up.
Post bath dual smiles. Delainey is usually screaming she is cold .

Park time after Intellidance.

After naps we cleaned the house and got groceries. And of course tried out her new umbrella!

Friday morning we went to Emerson's school as she was STARing as a 3 little pig in her kindergarten classes musical. She was SO excited and SO proud of herself and I did not cry. Ok so the last comment is a lie. She was so cute. She had a solo and seriously rocked it. Way braver than her Auntie. 

Those are all worms - can you see them!! 

This occupied her for way longer than any other craft has. Glue stick and I cut out shapes and she's done it multiples times. She even enlisted Auntie Jolie to cut more shapes.

Saturday Justin headed our for his ride with Brian so the kids and I worked out, walked Cruz, made cupcakes and then walked around our neighborhood as it was the Parade of Garage Sales. I found some great deals for $1 {books, Halloween Costume for Ryder, Hadley Rain Coat, Cash Register for D} but the best find was a Strider Bike for $5. I had to buy it! Now Ryder will have his own if D is still on her or we can take it to the lake.

Once Justin got home we headed out quickly to check out a Preschool for Delainey for the fall {how is she old enough for Preschool!?} We liked this one but there is one more to check out that I like I like more from reading up on the website but they only have 1 spot left!

After that we spent some time in the backyard after naps until Justin BBQd us dinner.

Saturday night we had a little date night at home. We watched Deadpool {very silly}, ate popcorn and had a couple drinks.

Sunday Justin had to work pretty much all day {BOO} but luckily could do it from home. The kids and I worked out and finished the cupcakes for Cruzie's birthday!!! Delainey is obsessed with cupcakes.

I can't believe our Cruzie girl is 7! I love this girl so much and she really is the best big sister and the best shadow. Even though I am always tripping on her as she is always RIGHT behind me - I miss her when she isn't. I still remember the exact day we got the email she was born and the first photo we got of her. Love her so much.

Auntie Jolie came over in the morning {my brother was in Vegas for a Stag. One of the groomsmen on the Stag is a well known NHL player so let's just say they were treated well all weekend!}
We hung out in the sunshine and drank our coffees she brought while playing with the kids. She stayed for lunch and headed home at nap time. So nice to finally catch up with her.


Outfit change was needed thanks for his big sister!


Help Mom I'm stuck.

Always up first at nap time these days and I love the one of one time with him.

Gramma Debbie came over so Justin could do an oil change and for dinner. 
We made Cruzie a special birthday cupcake - frozen greek yogurt carrots and her food and treat. 

We sang and she was a happy puppy. :)

And just like that it's Monday again!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Glad your phone is ok!
If love D's tutu obsession.
There's a preschool here I want Avery to go to but the times are dumb if you work, 9-1130am so I'd be late for work and use every lunch hour commuting her back to dayhome. Boo. Have a great week!

Chelsea said...

Looks like a fun weekend!! Mommy Daughter dates are always so much fun
Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

Bex said...

That's awesome your phone survived. Looks like you guys had so much fun! So cool to see Fred Penner, haha! That worm picture, YUCK!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a great weekend! You found some awesome deals at the garage sale- sad that I missed out!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I would have died if my phone stopped working!! Good thing it was Justin's fault;)

Seriously you find the best garage sale deals!! $5 for a strider?? I want to pick up a few things but then I'm not sure if I want to move them if we move this summer. If...

What a fun Mommy-D date! Preschool for Delainey already? Hard to believe it! She will love that!

Ryder has the best sneaky smile!! Love his scrunchy nose!

Whit said...

Sounds like such a great weekend, great weather and awesome company!! You're always busy doing something, and that stryder bike was a seriously wicked steal!! Well done.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Another friend just told me she watched Deadpool over the weekend - I had never heard of it! I'm so out of the loop on what movies are out! Sounds like you guys had a great week/weekend. I haven't heard of Fred Penner - he must be a Canadian? That's awesome that Delainey was so excited about the concert and knew so many songs! And I can't believe she's old enough for preschool!!!