{this week}

Look at me already recapping the week. ha ha
This week has been kinda quiet but we filled each day as we always do.
Monday morning Ryder had his 6 months shots. He was a trooper and didn't even cry! While we were in the waiting room I told Delainey we were going to look for some sandals for her at the store afterwards and immediately she said she wanted purple ones.
We went to Once Upon A Child and the shoe lover in me LOVED this experience with her. I pulled out a bunch in her size {and that met my standards - ha!} and she oooo'd and ahhhhh'd trying them on and immediately chose the ones she wanted. We also found a pairs of "so beauful" pink flats that also came home with. I just love her and that she has opinions on things now - and strong opinions at that. Side note: Both pairs are from The Gap and look brand new - both were under $5 each. Win.

Chillin' after his short nap.

And playing while we waited for his sister to wake up from her nap {thankfully both of my kids don't react to shots at all}.

Monday night I had girls dinner where we had a little gender reveal dessert for one of my girlfriends - she is having her 2nd girl!

Breakfast time - strawberries are a hit.

Tuesday we took a trip to Costco to get flowers for our pots and Cross-Iron Mall for Bath & Body Soap, summer dresses for Delainey and I may have picked up a cheap bikini. I'm in the midst of altering it to fit. ;)

She spotted the random cars in the mall and needed to try them all out. Each one drove her somewhere different. The lake, Daddy's work, to Ma & Pa's and the to the beach.

^ Those are her "so beauful" pink flats - they have adorable bows on the back too - you'd love them GG.

After naps we planted our flowers and watered the flower beds - in one of her new dresses {$5 H&M dresses for the win - thanks Lindsey for the tip} and her new sandals.

Hide & Seek. My view hiding behind the slide.

Found me!

These two have so much fun together already. Makes my heart so happy.

Ry getting splashed!

Wednesday we ran an errand to Micheals and then stopped for Fro-Yo. 
Delainey's day was made when she got to choose toppings and there were chocolate chips!

Happy with his empty bowl and spoon!

Bedtime play time.

Thursday was a rainy day so we played inside and cleaned in the morning before Intellidance.

Snuggles while big sister still napped. The other photos he was clawing my face.

My parents were driving in from the lake for a few days and I told Delainey that they would arrive after nap time. As soon as Delainey woke up from her nap she as asked "Ma & Pa here?" I told her that we had to walk Cruz first and then they would arrive. Cue major water works! She wanted them here NOW. :( After our walk she proceeded to sit on the drive way and wait for them. After coaxing her inside she sat on the bench at the front door waiting for them! "Ma & Pa here?" on repeat. 
Until Daddy got home first and then she was distracted a bit. I love how much she loves them.

We had pizza with Ma & Pa at our place and then Delainey went for a sleepover! 

This morning I dropped Ryder & Cruz off with them as well and headed for a little date with my buddy Easton.
Whit is in Cuba shooting a wedding this week {lucky lady and couple!} but sadly had to miss his Mother's Day tea at Preschool. Lucky me though - he chose me to join him.
He did SO good - he sang about 10 songs and knew every word! I was so impressed and you bet I pushed my way to the front to get 5 videos for Whit. 

He is seriously the sweetest boy and told everyone who I was and while we were sitting there he leaned into me and said "I'm so excited you're here Auntie Alison". Oh geeze I LOVE him.

The kids had a great morning with Ma & Pa and also had brunch with Nana so it was a perfect morning all around! 
And now we are excited for 2 days with Daddy. We heart the weekend.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Avery loves Once Upon a Child too! We were there this week too :-) Glad you got in on the dresses! Such a great deal. Love D's shoes too, good picks :-)
So cute that you got to go the mother's day tea with Easton!

Jen Linton said...

There are never good boy shoes there! I always check and no luck

Murdock's mama said...

How sweet that Easton chose you! <3

Gabriella said...

Your children are just too precious! I love froyo dates! J and I just went last weekend for the first time in a while. And how sweet that you and Easton had such a nice morning. He is adorable!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Haha I love your tank in the froyo pics! That is so sweet that you went in place of Whit and what Easton said. I feel like there are way better girl clothes at once upon a child than boy clothes! I get the odd good thing, but it's often hit or miss.