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I recently had the opportunity to work with an awesome Canadian Mama Samantha and her brand new {almost to be released!} curated boxes for mamas-to-be, birthing mamas and breastfeeding mamas. 
The Bump Box, The Birth Box & The Boob Box.
Samantha is from Ontario and is a professionally educated birth/postpartum Doula and had advice from Naturopthic and Lactation specialists when crating these boxes as well.

She collaborates with other Canadian artisans and small batch companies when creating these boxes to put together the perfect selection of treats for bumps, bubs and boobs. :)

I missed out on the first two boxes as Ryder was born just a bit too soon but I was lucky enough to try out "the boob box".

The loot! 
{Delainey had already run off with the bath bomb. Silly kid.}

As soon as it arrived I made myself a cup of Ta-Ta Tea and tried a couple Boobie Biscuits!

The Boob Savage products in this box have all been seriously amazing and I LOVE that they are made in Canada.
I really loved the Boobie Biscuits - I had the Coconut Chocolate Chip and they were delicious. The bag actually came with a "enjoy before date" which was only about 5 days away and {silly me} actually thought I may not finish them by then. Alison AKA The Cookie Monster had no trouble polishing them off far before the "enjoy before date". Yum.

The Ta-Ta Tea  is also really nice. It's caffeine free so a nice option once I have maxed out on my coffee intake for the day. ;) It isn't super strong like some milk boosting teas I have tried in the past.

I honestly haven't' tried the ZZZ Tea yet only because it's loose tea and I don't have one of those infusers anymore for loose tea! But I opened it up and it's SO pretty. I know that's not important but I love teas that you can petals etc!

The Boobie Booster is another favorite - It's a milk-boosting super food topper I have used it almost all up on top of yogurt bowls & smoothies.

 The box included the following products from other Canadian companies:

Crown Point Candles - I received a Cinnamon Bun eco-soy candle and I love that it's a very mild in scent plus it's scented with 100% Quality Essential Oils. 

Soul Chocolate - Papua New Guinea Chocolate Bar
This was definitely tasty (fair-trade, vegan - no dairy) and I did not sure this. ;)

Joe ShmoJava Scrub

I've used this in the shower a few times already and it's perfect for the tired Mama needing a little pick-me-up... a delicious all-natural, coconut and essential oil infused java scrub, to perk up your skin ... and your day! 

Robi Skin CareCitrus Body Butter
I really loved the smell of this but I think it would be better for a belly butter when pregnant. I found it really oily and I had to rub myself down with a towel. Perfect for a belly though!

Mela Bath - Lavender-Coconut Oil All Natural Bath Bomb
I actually used this in a bath with Ryder & Delainey {so not all that relaxing!! } BUT it smelled amazing and left all of our skin nice and soft. Plus Delainey thought it was very cool that there were little flower petals floating in the bath!

Something else that makes Boob Savage special is they will be partnering with an organization/s to donate a portion of proceeds from each box to important maternal health programs in Canada. 

All boxes will officially be available on May 16th over at Boob Savage!

They would make such a nice gift for a newly pregnant mama or new Mom, a unique shower gift or just a gift to yourself.
Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Thank you again Samantha for sending me this box to try out and for coming up with such a special idea for Moms

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That is awesome! I love all the goodies you got. I make lactation cookies but had to stop so that I stopped eating so many lol. I had tea with Avery but have not bought any yet, but should!

Chelsea said...

That is so adorable!! What a cute idea I love it

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

This is awesome! I would have loved this when I was newly nursing. I think this is the best goodie box I have ever seen! All useful products too :)