{Ryder: 7 months}

Well here we are another month with our Ry guy. He's getting so silly, playful and has a really fun personality already. We love his silly nose scrunched smile and he could not love his sisters more. Delainey is easily his favorite thing ever. He loves watching her, playing next to her and stealing all HER toys. She has a love hate relationship with the fact that he's crawling I am certain.

He is into EVERYTHING. Delainey was not like this! Ha. He is either be-lining it to the wine rack {smart boy} or Cruz's water bowl. Trying to climb onto Delainey's potty stool or pull out every plug he can find. He's fast and so damn cute when you catch him in the act. Sigh.
But he also loves sitting on the mat and looking out the back door like a sweet little boy. He really is such a chill happy guy - if only you'd sleep all night long Ry. ;) I always get a little sad as each month passes but each month life with him gets better so it's hard to be too sad.

14lbs 3 oz - this was last month so I am sure he's more.

27 inches

He's taking 2 solid naps everyday. One around 8:30am and another around 1:30pm. He's typically up at least once at night still, often twice. He slept ALL night Sunday night. I honestly can't remember the last time that happened but holy moly was it nice. And then last night he was up FOUR times and then wide awake at 5:50am. Oi. Every time I went in there he was standing up and I vaguely remember this stage with Delainey when they learn to crawl and stand and then do it ALL night long. We get it Ry. You can stop now.

Bow tie c/o Will&Co,

{feeding & eating}
He is still nursing before or after his naps and mainly just on demand when he wants it during the day, there is no timing to it. For the most part he is a really quick eater but is easily distracted still.
He eats breakfast, lunch and dinner with us. Oh my this boy loves food. There is nothing we have given him that he doesn't seem to like or love.
Along with some Love Child Organics purees {Super Blends and Simple Firsts} he has pretty much just been eating what we are eating and does so well gumming everything.
That I can think of off the top of my head he's had:
Mango, strawberries, apples, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, banana, avocado
Toast with peanut butter, bread, wraps, pasta
Chicken, fish, salmon, ground turkey, ground beef
Cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt soaked cheerios
Corn, beans, sweet potato, cucumber, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, potato, carrots
Chicken casserole, sloppy joe...

{diaper size}
Size 2 (Kirkland brand)

He's growing out of all his 3-6 month onesies and the pants are all capris now. 6-12 is pretty much fitting best other than in the waist in pants. 9 months Carters stuff fits really well as it's skinny and long. Our favorite is small shop pants/shorts as they can custom them for us a little too!

Bow tie c/o Will&Co,

{hair color}
Brown but a tinge of redish in there in some lights!

LOVES food. Mom. Sitting beside Delainey at meals.
Playing tug of war with the face cloth at meals.
Crawling. Pulling to stand. 
Watching Delainey. Trying to get Cruz.
Walks. Being outside. The swing. Sliding with Delainey.
Playing with toys. Putting everything in his mouth.
Watching bike videos or hockey with Dad. Looking at himself in the mirror.
Water table, pulling out grass. Baths and water.

Being tired or hungry.
When I am not feeding him dinner or near him basically.
Laying still for diaper changes.

{moments to remember}
Started crawling 2 weeks ago.
Pulls himself to stand if he can wrap his fingers around something.
Cruises along his crib walking.
Is an excellent bear walker.

Oh Ryder. We love you so very much.

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Leigh said...

Happy 7 months Ryder!!

Ma and Pa said...

He is just the cutest little guy! Love him so much and can't wait to cuddle him this weekend and have lots of outdoor fun.

Whit said...

Oh my goodness he's a beautiful, busy boy. Ryder what's with not sleeping for mom? :) You're doing amazing, mama!! I love his shirt, mommy is my personal stylist!! lol I love how different they are, he's going to be a curious trouble maker ;) he has the smile to get away with anything!! MISS YOU!!!!!