Today it has rained, snowed and hailed. While walking Cruz this morning it went from sunny and wet to blowing wet snow. It was lovely.
But it's supposed to be nice this weekend and I am dying to get a hammock. I've only mentioned this to Justin 27 times in the last month. ;)

Steve Smith, one of Canada's top mountain bikers and one of Justin's favorite riders passed away tragically this week. He was from Naniamo, BC and was injured there in a motorcycle accident. He was only 26 and so talented. So sad.

A few weeks ago Ryder had a brutal night and I was up all night feeding him and I did the unthinkable: shopped online at 3:45am.
I clicked on one of those ads on Instagram when a bikini caught my eye on a site called Cupshe. I know better than to shop online for bikinis but I caved, I had about 6 in my cart but settled on 2. Surprisingly enough they aren't terrible quality for under $25 each and they fit pretty decent too. One top too big and one bottom is too big but both I think I can alter to work. Plus they are so pretty. 
  I got this floral one and this aztec one - both in medium. 
PS. Shipping was free and no customs fees either. Now I want the other 4. ;)

I bought Water Beads on Amazon for Delainey because they are such a fun sensory play activity. I wasn't sure what she'd think being the girl who doesn't like to get her handy messy at all but I new I would have fun. ;)
They start out the size of quinoa...

Within a few minutes they start plumping up!

But we left them over night to plump up even more and she has had a ton of fun with them. Only thing with them is they are pretty bouncy and can get everywhere. Thank goodness for this giant box we put her in! :)

I did another silly thing this week. I signed up for Mud Hero with 3 of the fittest people in Calgary -my Mom, Dad and family friend Claire. 

I've been wanting to do one of these runs forever now so it was on my to do list this summer so I'm pretty excited - and nervous!
We are in the 11am heat on Sunday, August 7th if anyone wants to join us!!!
{Use Lindsey's link here for $5 off your registration!}

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love those bathing suits! I need some new ones this summer.
You will love Mud Hero!! Hopefully we can have a drink after too, we live close to where the race is!

Ashley said...

Love that floral swimsuit!!! Soo cute!! I ordered some water beads from Amazon too!! Noah loved playing with them at play group and even more fun chasing the ones he dropped haha - slippery little suckers!! That hammock looks pretty!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those water beads look really cool. I've never heard of them. Good idea to let her play with them in a box, though. That's a win win for everyone as it contains the beads to an area and I'm sure Delainey loved being in a box since it seems like every kid LOVES playing in a box! And those swimsuits look so cute! I think it's good to have some that you don't pay much for as then you don't feel bad if they get snagged when you sit on the dock or something like that!

Bex said...

Love those bathing suits. I'm on the hunt for something new this year. I want to go back to a two piece since one pieces do not fit me properly but I want high waisted bottoms to cover places that don't need to be seen lol. Hard to find something that doesn't cost hundreds!!

I've never heard of water beads before. They look like something Liam would love!