It's HOT out there and I am not complaining except it makes me ready for bed by 7:30pm along with the kids! At least I am a professional at making iced coffee already. :)

Delainey napped a few times last week for me which meant I could cuddle Ryder a little after he woke up from his nap which immediately put him back to sleep. I wasn't complaining.
This photo reminded me of when he was a wee babe.

I won a giveaway on Instagram for this pretty mala necklace from a lovely local Calgary artist Three Elements Jewelry. Her and her hubby actually own both Diner Deluxe restaurants in Calgary too.

I'm eager to get reading our new book club book with Brie's Book Club. I should get the book by Friday - fingers crossed!

When I had my hair done a few weeks ago while my cousin was sectioning off my hair she found this big streak of grey hair at the back of my head! My Mom said that when I was born I had a patch of auburn hair in this exact spot too! So crazy. 

I started 22 Minute Hard Corps on Monday and the workouts go by SO fast - even when I add on the abs bonus. Love that. I'll share my thoughts when I am more than 3 workouts deep. ;)
This month Insanity Max 30 and Cize are on sale! I going to be purchasing Insanity Max 30 as it has been on my list of programs I want to try ever since it came out. I know it's intense but it's 30 minutes and Shawn T - best combo ever.

If you have any questions about these program or any others just let me know! :)

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Ashley said...

Your grey hair looks blonde lol! I wish my grey hairs concealed themselves lol!! I'm due for color!! Lol!

Bex said...

Your grey totally does look blonde. Kind of cool though that that particular chunk has always been a different colour. I can't wait to get my hair done next week, I need to keep it coloured and remain oblivious to any potential grey that might have popped up....

I'm about 100 pages into the bookclub read right now and am LOVING IT! I need more hours to dedicate to reading it because I'm dying to know what happens.

Leigh said...

You don't even want to know how many grey hairs I have all over my head. I'd take a single streak over all of the ones I have! haha

Gabriella said...

Baby snuggles are the best! YAY for 22MHC! I am actually sore from some of the workouts. The booty/leg area are getting targeted!!