{Frock Box Take 3}


I received my third Frock Box last week - check out my first box HERE {& to read about what Frock Box is} and my second box HERE. It's definitely exciting to get a big package of clothes to pick through and try on! 
Let's see what they sent this month:

Item 1: Geometric Pattern Swing Skirt {$39} - Small
It's a super cute skirt and if I was 5 I would twirl in it all day and show my underwear but that's just not appropriate now. ;) But it twirled perfectly and I did love the pattern. I just didn't know when I'd wear it as it too short for work or with kids.
Verdict: Return

Item 2: Bellamie Cheetah Print Maxi Dress {$59} - Small
I am not an animal print person at all so as soon as I saw this I knew it was a no. The dress itself was really soft and hung nicely even with pockets! It wasn't crazy long on me either which most maxi dresses are so I give kudos to my stylist for picking out a short maxi dress for me {you give them your height!}
Verdict: Return

Item 3: Purple Cardigan with Stripe Inside {$49} - Small
I like the pop of stripes in this top and it fit me great. It hung nicely and was bright and cheery but I have a top very similar {minus the fun stripes}.
Verdict: Return

Item 4: Olive Green Pleat Blouse {$49} - Small
All I kept thinking while trying this on was "oh my gosh I need to iron it". I did like this top I just didn't think it was anything special on me and the bust was a bit tight.
Verdict: Return

Item 5: Flamingo Stripe Top with Scoop Back {$44} - Small
 When I initially saw this top I didn't get it {big scoop back} and definitely didn't think I'd be keeping it but that's the cool think about Frock Box. I've kept things I never would try on if I saw it in store! 
I tried it on and loved it. I've worn it twice - once with these white jean capris and once with leggings and I loved it both times. It's a really light woven, airy knit material. Plus super easy to slip down to nurse since you have to wear a tank top underneath!
Verdict: KEEP

This past month I left a note to my stylist just changing my sizing from medium to small and saying I was ok with more fitted items but again all items must be nursing friendly. And to stick with tops and dresses. I think my stylist has always done a really good job as there was never anything that really didn't fit or that I wouldn't ever wear. I did think the price point on some items was high but the quality of all Frock Box items has always been really superb.
I am pausing my subscription for now because with summer coming I don't need anything especially since I plan on living in the backyard with the kids or at the lake!
I think I will try Frock Box again come fall for some items when I head back to {cough} work {cough}.

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Bex said...

Ok I LOVE those two dresses and am really so sad that I didn't get the leopard dress. I'm a leopard FIEND. All of your items are so fantastic and look so good on you!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

The skirt and the dress looked so good on you!!! But if you don't see yourself wearing them then no point in keeping them.

I do like the shirt you kept!! The scoop in the back is big but looks good.

Love the purple cardigan! I hope I get something like that soon.

Where are your shoes from?? I love them!

Katie said...

i love the one you kept! so cute!