{week+weekend rewind}

Well I am day late for my weekend rewind post. Yesterday was a write off. It was A DAY. My sweet Delainey woke up full of enough whine for a week. Oi.
Anyways this will be a pretty photo heavy post! I'm rewinding all the way back to last Monday! We've been busy but with fun stuff with some of our favorite people and lots of outside time.

We headed to the zoo with Christy and Ellie. We had a good morning chatting and Delainey was excited to see the Rhino outside!

His concerned face waiting for me to feed him. :)

We headed to the library and then enjoyed the weather.

I had a meeting with work about my plans for next year so the kids stayed with Gramma Debbie for a couple hours. It was really nice to see everyone at work. Ry was a stink for Gramma though. :(

We met up with Whit, East & Fin down in the East Village for some park time and a picnic lunch. We found 2 fun parks both with a few areas that were a little too advanced/CRAZY for our kiddos but we had an awesome morning.

Whit rescuing Fin even if Fin didn't feel she needed rescuing! Fin is braver than all of us combined!

Eating rocks was his idea of fun.

I love this photo Whit took of the kids!

She slid down the whole hill on her bum!

Even after all that walking and fresh air Delainey still didn't nap! ha SO we spent the afternoon in the backyard!

We met up with my girlfriend Mandi and her 2 kids Rory & Milo at the zoo {again}. We were there along with every other Mom and pregnant lady in Calgary I think. Holy moly. We had a good visit and the kids had lots of fun. Delainey walked the whole time too. 
Checking out the hippo!

Again an afternoon spent in the backyard. {I am slowly accepting the fact Delainey may not nap much anymore eve though I think she needs it - or maybe it's me that needs it. She seems to nap ok on the weekends but if she happens to shut her eyes for 2 minutes in the truck while we are out it ruins nap time and it's not worth fighting with her every afternoon. I miss a teeny tiny break mid day for sure and a happy Delainey come 6pm but that's life.}

This was her hiding spot for hide and seek!! ha ha

After our walk she requested a bike ride!

Deck time while Justin BBQ'd our dinner. Singing wheels on the bus with Ryder on their bus.

Ryder can full on pull himself to stand from sitting and hold himself up with very little support. And thinks he is very tricky!

We had a quiet morning and then I had to ready for my girlfriend Julia's baby shower.

Justin and D played  Lego - Justin made a very cool tree house and then much to his dismay Delainey took it over with her tower. ;)

Ryder and I headed out to the shower while Justin and Delainey checked out an awesome park not far from our house!

Julia's sister was a wedding planner so I knew this shower would be Pinterest worthy!

I'm not sure where Julia was for this photos. Silly us. ;) Julia's little guy Hayden was born at 34 weeks after 4 weeks of bed rest so he's unfortunately still in the NICU but thankfully doing well. It was a great morning celebrating them.

I arrived home to this. My no napping queen napping on Justin! What the heck. I was a tad jealous.

After feeding Ry and getting myself changed I headed out to pick up Nicole and then drive south for a fun  and challenging Orange Theory class with a great group of ladies. Full post to come!

Most of the ladies headed out for dinner afterwards but since Ryder is too cool for a bottle right now I headed home for Mommy duties. Justin had a delicious steak dinner waiting for me and a glass of wine poured! What a guy. Ryder had been sleeping very poorly at night these days so I think we were asleep before our heads hit the pillows.

Justin headed out for his bike date with Brian so we did my workout first thing and then enjoyed the sunshine!
We brought the chalk board outside and colored rocks and million other things while Ryder napped.

Jeff and Jolie wanted to come for a visit so we invited them for dinner since Justin and Delainey were making their Sunday "Pizzi" special.

Such a great weekend over far too quickly. 

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Bex said...

Such a fun, busy week! I'm glad I got to see you briefly on Saturday but wish you could have come to dinner. Totally understand though. Looking forward to our next visit though!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

That first park looks amazing! I need to go! Haha. That second park looks pretty cool too. I love your dress/top in the group photo at the baby shower! So happy you came out on Saturday, I'm sad too you couldn't stay for dinner, but that just means we'll have to get together soon! (And I totally get it...Sully was the worst bottle taker ever, sigh).

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

So busy!! I'm craving more outside time, hopefully next week :-) I'm jealous of all the awesome parks you guys have. Avery would go nuts!
Love the outdoor chalk board.

Jen Linton said...

What a great week! Reminds me I need to up my social calendar game :-/ love that chalkboard!!

Leigh said...

You guys had a busy and fun week and weekend :) The baby shower looked pretty amazing

Gabriella said...

What a fun week and weekend! I love all your pictures and amazing weather. It has been raining in California! Ryder's adorable smiles are too much! :)