{week+end rewind}

We had great week and an ever better weekend. This week included a not so fun full of meltdowns Monday. Thank goodness it was girls dinner that night! 
Tuesday we met up Auntie Jolie {she was on Spring Break} at her place and walked to the giant park by them. We all had a ton of fun there!

The weather was chillier than we hoped so 2 of us had Starbucks instead of the Village Ice Cream as planned. Just means we need to plan a date when the sun cooperates. :)

^ scarf c/o Will&Co

While Ryder napped I finished up sanding an old window frame project I am working on. And had a little helper.

Ravine silliness.

Wednesday we had a play date with Whit and Fin. As I mentioned she took some great photos for us and then we had a nice catch up over coffee and the girls played. The dogs were chaos on this visit - they did not want to play and were louder then the girls playing! Silly things. We headed to Mom and Dad's from there as they just got back from their trip.

Thursday we had Intellidance - we are trying it out this session instead of gymnastics as Ryder can join us. Delainey was a little timid to start but was right into it by the end. Every activity is done to a new song. We did lots of dancing, parachute, tapping with sticks, a circuit with tunnels, stepping stones and a "beam" - plus lots more. They always end with a dance party which is right up Delainey alley {with a colored light disco ball and the lights off even}! I wore Ryder and he fell asleep about half way through class. 

He chose his own shirt. Holy heck he was up a lot that night.

Thursday night Delainey had a sleepover with Ma & Pa. She was SO excited as always. Playing with shells - just like her Mommy. I love shells.

Friday morning I did randoms jobs around the house and got my workout in while Ryder had a nice long nap. I woke him finally to go get Delainey. We did a few stops on the way home and then I decided it was a nice day for a run. Silly me. I've run with these 3 three times now and it doesn't get easier. Delainey thinks it's super fun though! ha

Friday night Mom and Dad came to hangout and have dinner with the kids so we could run down to the watering hole for dinner. Justin is a regular there as he meets his buddies there every Thursday and sadly I no longer am. They even change the menu without consulting me now. It was nice to get out with just Justin though for sure. Thank you again Mom and Dad.

Saturday morning we met up with my Mom, Nana and Auntie Jolie as Dad, Jeff and Justin were headed to Banff for a friends Stag. On the way up there Justin and Dad went for a mountain bike ride.
Us girls {& Ryder} spent the morning at Edworthy Park. 3 playgrounds, picnic lunch and then rock throwing/swimming for Cruz.

^ top c/o Live Love North, headband c/o Mosie's Cozies

We spent the afternoon in the backyard until the fresh air and no nap was getting the best of Miss D so we headed out to get groceries.

She requested pizza for dinner so we ate outside in the sunshine.

Sunday morning we got up nice and early, did our walk and workout and then set up shop in the backyard for the day.

Every time we play in the backyard and Delainey see the water table under the deck she asks to get it out - even in the dead of winter. So when I asked her if she wanted to get the water table out today she literally jumped with excitement.

^ romper c/o The Little Moore Shop

Ryder thought the water table was pretty much amazing. He can hold himself up with one arm and went bananas splashing with the other. Needless to say he wasn't dry for long!

The troops arrived back from their weekend away around 1. We had a quick visit with Mom, Dad, Jeff & Jolie and then it was nap time for the house. Yes even Delainey napped so I enjoyed the sunshine!

These two got up within minutes of each other so we hit the backyard again and let Justin continue napping. 

Gramma Debbie came over for dinner and to do more recital music that evening.
Delainey always wants to "run with Ry" or have races with Ry now. Meaning I run around carrying Ryder and chase Delainey. Cruz chases all of us. Both the kids squeal. And apparently I am the only one that gets tired. ;)

^ entire outfit is c/o Portage and Main and yes the hat is back!

Seriously the weather was amazing and I am so excited for the sunshine and warmth to stick around!

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Bex said...

Haha run with Ry sounds super cute. Sounds like you guys had so much fun this weekend. I'm so jealous of your big backyard to hang out in all day long. Condo life was so great when I was single, but I am longing for a backyard to play in with Liam.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Delainey is seriously the best dressed kids! I love all of her outfits! She looks so chic with that infinity scarf in one of the earlier pictures in the post! I can't believe Ryder can already hold himself up along furniture. I can see why the water table was a hit with him! We had beautiful weather here this weekend, too, which makes me so excited for summer!!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a fun week and weekend!! Soo you pretty much need to spill the beans on your favorite bow and headband shops!!! Lol! We were lucky enough to get some good weather under our belts this weekend too!! Makes me look forward to more days outside, once this Reno is done and over with.... Soo over it! Lol! I should look into some classes at our gymnastics arena and see what they offer. I think Noah would enjoy them as well.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aw sounds like a great weekend! Gymnastics just isn't the same without you two :( I wish we lived closer so we could have done intelligence with you guys! I need to check out that park (I drove by it today!), I'm so tired of the dusty rocks at all the playground in our neighbourhood!

Whitney Cowan said...

What an awesome weekend, the weather was INCREDIBLE!! You were busy lady!! That new class sounds right up Fin's alley!! Wish it was in the south! xox