{week + end rewind}

This week we had some super sunny hot days as well as snow!I can tell you which we prefer. ;)
We had a pretty low key week which was nice. Highlights were spending lots of time in the backyard, Delainey had a sleepover with Ma & Pa and we met Justin in Inglewood for lunch.

She loves picnics!

Popsicles and breast milk pops! ha

Delainey is still talking about these big rocks by Daddy's work.

Ryder has had some better night in the sleep department this week and then the last 2 nights have been rough. Yuck.

Thursday we had Intellidance and Nicole {Audrey & Leo} joined us to try it out. Afterwards we had a picnic and played at the park. The kids had a blast and were not happy about leaving! :)

We took a Costco trip - Ryder sat in the cart for the first time. He was a little stunned and Delainey thought it was the coolest thing ever. She also likes to collect samples - not eat them - just collect them.

Then we had lunch with Mom and Dad.

Friday evening Ryder and I picked Leigh up and we went to check out the Vixens of Vintage market. Trish from Portage & Main hooked me up with tickets since she would be in town for it!

She had 2 tables plum full of goodies. Ryder got a new hoodie and I'll be placing an order with her soon here. Plus we finally got to meet Trish which was really nice since we have been working with her for almost 2 years now!

We enjoyed looking around, it was pretty busy but not unmanageable. I bought a couple things for gifts and regret not buying a couple little things for the kids rooms. I contacted the shop that night but have yet to hear back.

Saturday we went to Fin's birthday party!

The kids painted bird houses and had so much fun playing with balloons! Delainey just loves East {& Fin} but we don't get to see East as much so she kept going up to him and holding his hand and asking if he wanted to play with her. It was so cute. She is so comfortable at Whit's so it's nice to see our shy gal more herself. She even gave Whit's sister Darcy and Mom hugs and kisses unprompted! 

^ I had her dressed and then she added the tutu all by herself.

Fin was SO excited when we were all singing to her. It was the sweetest thing. I am so glad there is a video of it. 

Showing off that he can now climb to stand in his crib AND his new hoodie

Justin spent Saturday afternoon helping a buddy frame his basement so we walked Cruz, worked out, played lego and did lots of "shopping" before being thankful for bedtime. This whole not napping business makes evenings rough at time. 

We had a quick and last minute visit from my Grampa & Chris early Sunday morning as they had a very brief layover on their way home after being in Mexico for 6+ months. This was extra exciting as they had never met Ryder before! We had a really nice visit with them and it was SO good to see them.

Justin then headed out for his weekly ride with Brian. They were expecting it to be messy and it sure was!

I had a hair appointment with my cousin Amanda and thankfully she only works when the salon is closed so I could take the kids with me as I wanted them to get a trim too!
Not only was the salon closed but Auntie Jolie had an appointment after me so she came early to hangout and entertain the kids! Uncle Jeff came too for a bit and they took Miss D to Tim Horton for a timbit and a coffee run.

I wasn't expecting Delainey's hair cut to go well seeing as brushing her hair is the absolute worst part of our day usually. But she sat on Jolie's lap like a gem and smiled the whole time. This is her second hair cut - first was with Auntie Amanda too.

Ryder was a little wiggly but Amanda did a really good job cleaning up his do! I've cut it a dozen times but it needed some professional help!

Showing off their new hair!

Thank you again Jolie & Amanda.
And just like that the weekend is over and we have a rainy day on our hands today so our zoo trip was cancelled with Crustal and the kids, I think they were happy though as they came here for a play date instead!

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Leigh said...

You guys had a great week! Love the kids with their hair cuts. Amelia almost needs one as her hair is out of control.

Leslie said...

That is a fabulous picture of you and Whitney!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

awwww love their haircuts! That last photo of Delaney is so beautiful! Sounds like a great week! Looking forward to seeing you guys on Friday! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

What a fun week! Your photos have me missing the sun! Love the photo of you and Whit :) That cake looks awesome. I am horrible at making cakes lol.
I have not taken A for a haircut in a few months I am scared it will be a huge fail, why are brushes so evil to the girls!?
Ryder is seriously the happiest baby ever! Always huge smiles :)

Tawnya Faust said...

Ryder has THE BEST hair! seriously, so cute!! Looks like you guys had the best week!

Ashley said...

What recipe do y use for your Popsicles? Just frozen regular juice? Do you add water? Those hair cuts!!!! Soo cute!! I need to cut Noah's again, but I am waiting until we can take his staples out! They totally creep me out haha. Can't believe you have shorts weather. We have had one day like that so far!! They have threatened snow, but we haven't seen it for a while and I am good with that!!

Katie said...

i can't ever get over his hair! i love it!

Whitney Cowan said...

Love the new hair cut!! What an awesome week. Thanks for being there for Fin's Bday, she loves you guys so much!! xox