Pretty excited it's almost Friday! Well mainly for Justin's case. He's had a busy and stress filled work week. 
We on the other than have had a great week so far - time with Jolie, Whit & Fin AND my parents got back so Delainey is pretty darn excited about that {we are too of course}!
On to some randoms. 

That on our play date yesterday Whit took a few photos for me for Ryder's 6 month birthday! It's not until the 28th so I have to try and contain myself from sharing them all. I am really thankful to have a photo with me and these 2 though. Thank you again Whit. We love you.


^ I bought Delainey and I matching Kimonos from Urban Cowgirl & Co and I love them. 
They are so comfy!

We {meaning the kids!} were asked to be Brand Ambassadors for Love Child Organics and we couldn't be more excited! The kids love their pouches already so we are looking forward to trying out their other products. 
I especially love that this company is Canadian and it all started with a Mom and Dad team wanting to create the highest quality, organic baby and children's food. Brian and Leah launched LCO in 2013 and were also featured on Dragon's Den that year. 
{Fun Fact I know Justin will like: They negotiated the largest deal in Dragon's Den history! $750,000 publicly invested by Arlene Dickinson & Dave Chilton}

Delainey and Ryder were super pumped to receive a big box of products to sample and my snack lover wanted to open every package right away!

Ryder is going to be eating better than us with some gourmet meals like Pumpkin Risotto and Vegetarian Chili - lucky guy!

You can check out all their products on Amazon.ca and get 15% off your order using the code LCOMOM12 

More about this awesome company soon!

Ryder loves to just sit and watch what's going on in the backyard. He also tries to get all the grass he can in his mouth before I stop him and then I swear he laughs at me.



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Leigh said...

LOVE that shot that Whitney got of the three of you! Can't wait to see the rest :) Amelia loves the Love Ducks from that company

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aww what a beautiful photo of the three of you! So cool that you guys are ambassadors for that company!

Ashley said...

Love that pic of you three!!! That last quote... Soo true, glad it didn't include folding lol.

Jen Linton said...

I need more photos of me and Wes that aren't selfies...or products of frustrated/impatient picture-taking husband! Wes is OBSESSED with the love ducks and bars. I have to restrain myself from helping him finish his snacks because I think they're pretty tasty too!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I can't wait to see more of the pictures that Whit took. I can't believe that Ryder is almost 6 months, though! That's crazy! That's cool that you get to be a brand ambassador for that company - the products sound great! Even though I am an adult, I really like those pouches of pureed fruit. I used them during marathon training last fall and they worked great.

Bex said...

Love the photos. I want to see more!!
And that kimono is so pretty! I really need to place an order from there.

Lisa Sowyer said...

Thanks for a lovely site information....