{these kids}

The other day I was putting clothes away in the kids rooms and Delainey and Ryder were just playing on our bed as they often do. Cruz was up there too just napping away beside them.

I came around the corner to see Delainey sitting right next to Ryder with her arm around him and reading to him. Cruz was directly in front of them fast asleep. Delainey was laughing and telling Ryder extensive stories. He was starting at her in awe, smiling and giggling when she let our her silly almost fake laugh she does when she's playing. 
I quickly grabbed the real camera {not my phone} as it was near by and took some photos from a far. I came into the room and it was like they were in their own little world not even noticing me. 
I got some incredible photos and was just so excited about it.

So I sat down to nurse Ryder and grabbed the camera to flip through the camera. I turned it on to view the images and it flashed to a screen that said NO MEMORY CARD INSERTED.
{insert tears}
I wish I could blame hormones or something but I legit cried. So there were no photos as the memory card was still in the computer not the camera. :( I also shed a few tears telling Justin about it too.
Sigh. I know there will be many more moments as these two just get sweeter together as the days go by. I have those images in mind instead of in a real photo which is almost as good. I was super bummed about it though. 
Thankfully these kids humor their mama from time to time and let me snap a few of them together a couple days later. 

Holy heck I love them and LOVE that THEY are ours. 
And note to self: Always check memory card before taking photos. 

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Ma and Pa said...

Holy heck we love them too and miss them SO much. Give them both a big hug and kiss from us.

Leigh said...

Oh man, I'm sorry that happened friend :( But, you did get some super cute ones with your photoshoot. They are just too cute :)

Gabriella said...

Such sweet moments with your littles! Precious photos!

Jen Linton said...

My camera freaks out if I try to take a pic with no memory card in it. Which is a nice little alert, but more often than not I'm out of the house with it and the card is at home :(

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh that sucks so much that you didn't have the memory card in. :( I am glad they let you take some photos later in the week. I love how sweet Delainey is towards Ry! I could see her being jealous of him and not being the great big sister she is so it's impressive that she's so tender with him!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh man, that sucks! But at least you are so good about always taking photos of them! But still, I would cry too! :(

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I would have cried too!! I will say the regular camera is rarely out and available though-- it's always phone pics around here lately! They are pretty darn cute and so cooperative for photos! Audrey hated the camera at that age!

Whit said...

These are the cutest photos. so awesome :) Sorry about the memory card :( xox

Whitney Cowan said...

These are so cute :) I have cried before too. Sucks. But these ones are so cute. xox