{randoms thoughts}

The weather today is hot hot hot and sunny! We just came inside for Ryder's afternoon nap I actually feel like I could nap myself. Hear that Delainey! :) She says fat chance. Although yesterday she fell asleep on me. It was wonderful until Ryder started screaming and I had to sneak away from her.

 On to some random thoughts.

Beachbody. I have less than 2 weeks left in Gamma from the Focus T25 program {my most favorite program and section of it!} 

And then I am super eager to start 22 Minute Hard Corps!

Hammer & Chisel is on sale again this month because it's such an awesome program! I am so excited for everyone who has been buying it to try it! My brother is doing it right now. :)

Just let me know if you have any questions about any programs or Shakeology - I have samples! :)

Taylor Swift. I loved her new short hair until she went and bleached it and made it look all well terrible. Sorry Taylor I love you but no the hair right now. Thoughts?

Delainey loves her music and sings along to so many songs. It's one of my favorite thing about truck rides. :)

 Ryder. He thinks he needs to be a big boy far too quickly. 

Mr Bean. I love him. Where the heck did he go? I seriously laugh until I cry watching him. He's the best.

Apple pears. I am obsessed right now. They are so juicy and delicious.

That's all. :)

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Bex said...

Oh man I'm sore from Hard Corps last night. I'm not following the program entirely but supplementing on off days from running/yoga. I find the theme kind of cheesy but the workouts are great and go by so fast!

Jen Linton said...

The workouts bring me back to bootcamp days...helllllllo burpees!!

Leigh said...

What does Jeff think of hammer & chisel? Stop growing so quickly Ryder!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I cannot wait to start Hard Corps, well a modified program of it since I want to run too. I cannot believe Ryder is trying to crawl and standing!!

Whitney Cowan said...

Oh my word this is so random, lol!! Love it. Apple pears... I'm always game to have one, but never buy them. ;) Mr Bean? Really? I never knew that about you. he is hilarious. And Ryder needs a time out for trying to be a big boy and nothing beats when the busy ones fall asleep randomly.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love when they fall asleep you- especially when it's so infrequent these days. I hope she didn't wake up when you snuck away!

I'm intrigued by these programs- I love T25 so much though! I'm about to ramp up the running so in the fall we can chat!

Apple pears- I don't mind them but I think I prefer each fruit on it's own. We used to eat them a lot.

Ryder- stop it!! Stay little for awhile longer!