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As I mentioned this past weekend I was lucky enough to join 11 other awesome ladies to a private workout over at Orange Theory Fitness in Seton. Thank you Brie for organizing this!

{Back in February of 2015 I actually tried a couple classes at the location near us so knew what to expect - see post HERE. I really enjoyed them so was excited to do another class with a group of friends}

We did a 60 minute high-intensity interval training class that included running, water rowing and strength training. 
When we first arrived we were treated to some OTF swag and then all fitted with heart-rate monitors {the tighter the better!} that were set up for us based on our weight. The whole time you are working out you can see your heart rate and what zone you are in on the large screen which I found really helpful so I knew I needed to push harder or scale back during the workout. 
The goal is to be in the orange and red zone for 12-20 minutes of the workout.

{Check out Brie's post here she did an amazing job of explaining and breaking down how OTF workouts work}

In true blogger fashion we started out with a photo session :) and then it was time to get our sweat on!

We did a combination workout where we started on the treadmills for the first 28 minutes of the workout. I will be totally honest - I was super nervous and intimidated for this portion because pretty much all of these ladies are true runners. They run races. I run after Delainey and every now and then get the urge to go for a run but I don't run like they run. So needless to say I tried to put myself at the end of the pack in the treadmill line up. :)

You can choose to be a power walker, jogger or runner {or ride the bike/elliptical if injured}. There is a cheat sheet on each treadmill to guide you and the coach is always telling you what to do - base pace, push pace or sprints and what incline! Our coach was awesome. She was way more helpful then the coach I had the last time I tried the classes and felt way less lost during the treadmill portion and she definitely pushed me.

We did a series of hill climbs and sprints or a combination of the two. I ended up doing 3 miles and actually really enjoyed the running portion of this workout - it challenged me for sure!

Up next was the strength training that also incorporated the water rowers - we did this for the 30 minutes of the workout. We did different circuits that worked mainly our back, chest, glutes and abs that I can recall. You can always see the exercises in the circuit on a TV screen on the wall which was really helpful. I loved the TRX component - I think that will be my next addition to our home gym. It's so versatile and challenging!

 Jen | Jo | Brie | BeckyAnge | me | Nicole | Leslie
Leigh | Kaella Heather | Jen | Coach Kristen

At the end of class Coach Kristen explained all our results on the screen and before we even left the studio our results were emailed to us as well.

I really enjoyed this class and would totally add OTF classes into my workout schedule every now and then if they offered the drop in option that was affordable.
Thanks you again OTF Seton, Coach Kristen and Brie!

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Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aw you're so welcome! Thanks for coming!! I'm glad you enjoyed it (again)! I agree, our instructor was awesome!

Bex said...

Oh man, no reason to be intimidated at all! Everyone is different and I run at a snails pace, I thought for sure I'd pass out during the treadmill portion. You did great! I'm glad you came!

Leslie said...

We have a TRX at home and love it! It's a nice way to change things up a bit :) The yoga studio by my house offers afternoon training sessions on how to properly use the TRX. It was super helpful
It was so great to see you.

Danielle said...

This looks like such a great and interesting workout! I love living in a smaller city for the most part, but I am jealous of all of the cool workout options that you guys have!

Amber said...

I am really intrigued by this workout regime! It's very different from anything I've ever seen before. We are getting an OTF in Kamloops but I think we will have moved back up north by the time it opens. I'm guessing the drop in rates are pretty expensive anyways!