{Frock Box: TAKE 2}


I received my second Frock Box in the mail this week and was very excited about it. Read more about Frock Box and how it works on my first post HERE {and see what I received that month}!
I rarely - if ever - get out to the mall to shop these days so it is a really nice treat to have 5 pieces delivered right to my door picked just for me!

I didn't change any of my criteria from my last box so requested all tops, jackets or dresses that were nursing friendly {nothing too tight} and did the Frock Box Favorites. This box was awesome. I really love it all and think my stylist did a great job.
{Everything is a size medium}

Let's take a look at the loot!

Item #1 - Heathered Navy Cardigan with button {$49}

At first I wasn't sure about it but this piece fit really well and hung nicely plus it was SO soft and comfy. I liked it buttoned up and open. I really liked the cut of the sweater too but I was in love with it as I felt like I was swimming in fabric kind of - so I returned it.

Item #2 - Entro Patterned Blouse with Lace Back {$49}

As soon as I put this on I LOVED it. It's so pretty, loose and flowy. I love the length, pattern, lace detail and that it can be dressier or more casual. It will also be great for that "W" word we aren't talking about yet. {work}

You can also button up the sleeves so they are 3/4 length. Sold. Keeping this baby.

Item #3 - Olive Green Utility Jacket {$69}

I've been wanting a jacket like this for ever now and this one is just perfection. I love everything about it. It hits me at a good spot {most are just a bit too long for me} and also cinches at the waist to give it a bit more of a fitted look.

I adore this color detail on all 4 of the pockets too.

I am definitely keeping it even though I am cheap and would usually not spend that on a simple coat but I know I will get a lot of wear out of it. 

Item #4 - Peach Geometric Dress with Open Back {$59}

I really liked this dress, It's pretty and flowy and would be super easy for nursing. I also love the back details but don't really NEED a dress like this so - returned.

How fun are these sleeves though?!

Item #5 - Polka Dot Kimono with Leather {$49}

^ Polka dots are a gold color.

This kimono is super fun and I love kimonos! I like the polka dots with the bit of leather detail too. It's unique as kimonos are usually long and this was a nice short length.

I just bought Delainey and I matching Kimonos from another small Canadian shop so I reluctantly returned this one. 

Such a great box! I am already excited about my next one. I will be emailing my stylist to make a few tweaks to my profile but only for fun, not because I'm not happy with my boxes so far!

Now you guys can get 15% off your first box or anything in the shop using the code ALISON15

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Bex said...

GREAT PIECES! I really like the jacket and the kimono, although if it was me, I'd prefer the kimono to be longer. I just prefer longer tops always. The dress is super cute too!

Leigh said...

Love the jacket and the blue/white top- I need tops like that for work

Gabriella said...

So many cute things! I really like the the blouse and jacket. I signed up for Stitch Fix (similar to Frock Box, but in the US), since I hate going to the mall and shopping, haha! I have gotten 3 boxes so far, and I love that they send things I would never pick out for myself!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love the coat. My utility coat is my fav & most worn for sure!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Great pieces!! That first piece would be nice if you were still pregnant...I love the blouse!...the jacket is super cute!...and that dress is so pretty, but can't people see your bra/side boob when you put your arms up like that? I'm always worried about that when I've tried on tops with sleeves like that lol. That kimono is adorable, but I agree - I like longer tops, especially when they are for wearing overtop of another shirt.

Chelsea said...

Love all these outfits :) I need to try this
Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

Jen Linton said...

You'd look great in a paper sack! ;) I love that blue/white top