{week+end rewind}

Alright rewinding back this week and weekend...the weather has been so nice. Again. Seriously we've been so spoiled. Our morning walk felt so chilly today though and the snow flakes were starting to fall. :( Noooooo.

Ravine runs are our favorite especially after the week of no naps. Her mood instantly changes down there - thank goodness!

Except when her shadow follows her. I made the mistake of pointing it out last week and she is not a fan. Toddlers minds are a strange thing. She gets so mad at it and at one point was sitting on the ground crying. It's hard not to laugh. She's getting better with being ok with it. Yesterday when we were at the park she was telling it that shadows are not allowed on the slide though. ha ha

Very appropriate shirt for this handsome night owl. I want my good sleeper back please!

Thursday we had our last Gymnastics class. We are switching it up next session and trying out Intellidance since we can bring Ryder with us and I don't need to rely on someone to watch him. Plus I think he will enjoy it too!

She has gained so much confidence and skill the past 3 sessions at gymnastics, I am so proud of her and have loves watching her. We will miss it and Coach Sue too.

We will miss seeing Brie and Sully each week also even if it's too crazy to chat!

Daddy surprised her and came to watch and hangout with Ryder and she was SO excited. It was hard to focus on anything as she kept having to wave to Daddy and make sure he was watching!

And a look back...these are the last day photos from each session we have done! Such a big girl now.

 ^ her tank is Portage & Main

Friday we went to Whit's for play date. As always the girls had lots of fun - Fin is riot. She has the best personality and is so funny. The dogs hung out outside and Whit and were able to finally catch up. Love these chill mornings. We are excited though for this week as it's Spring Break so we actually get to see East!!

Whit always has the magic touch with getting my kids to sleep! 

Whit lent us their glider board for the stroller so we tested it out that afternoon and Delainey thought it was coolest thing ever. She calls it surfing. I know this is going to be so handy!

Saturday we took it easy, got groceries and then Gramma Debbie came over so Justin could work on her recital music for her. We stayed clear of this job and enjoyed the playground and ravine while Ry napped.

Helping make dinner.

He is obsessed with this mesh feeder with frozen banana in it. He is not a happy guy when he drops it or is a slimy mess and can't hold on to it.

 We watched The Revenant that evening. It was not what I was expecting. It was good, quite graphic and I didn't love the ending but Leo did play his part very well.

Sunday morning Justin headed out for his bike date with Brian and one of our neighbors joined them too.

We baked, worked out and enjoyed the weather. Delainey played on the deck for 40 minutes with Cruz while I cleaned up after baking,  I had the screen door wide open and we blasted Taylor Swift - heavenly.

We made our adapted recipe of this Oatmeal Cookie Bake {we eat this for breakfast every week day morning!!} along with Peanut Butter Energy Balls and Shakeology Energy Balls.

Ryder working on his sitting skills.

Mean muggin'! Loving the swings.

So much fun outside and it was so warm.

Reading to Ryder.

 Leigh, Brian and Amelia came over for a last minute dinner. The girls had fun playing and Delainey liked having someone new read her books.

And just like that 2 days flew by. Thankfully it's short week  - Delainey counts every morning - 4 more days until Daddy is home for a long weekend. Bring it!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Fresh air can cure all!! Oh man the shadow thing is too funny (sorry D!), I will make sure to avoid that conversation with A lol.
Her gymnastic pics are so cute, and she looks so proud!
I want tank top weather here! I have no clothes left that fit, but do have some tanks that might. Think I can wear tanks and leggings to work!?
I am excited for the long weekend too :)

Ashley said...

Love your floral headband!!! Looks like D has gotten soo much taller when you look back at the old pics!! That and I can't believe how long her hair is now!! Such a cutie!! Sounds like such a busy week filled with fun! That pic of Ryder in the swing - priceless!!! We bought some eggs to decorate this week too!! I think Noah will love Easter this year!! Such a fun age!! That is too funny about the shadows!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow D is looking so grown up these days!! Her hair is so long! I can't get over how big Ryder is too- sitting in the swing and being all cool!

The shadow thing is hilarious!! There are so many moments I need to hide my laughter from their ridiculousness!

I didn't realize you couldn't bring Ryder to D's gymnastics classes. That's so annoying- it makes doing classes with 2+ kids so hard, which is why I never did any with A once Leo came along. I miss Momstown. The new program sounds like fun though!

The glider board looks like fun!! I bought one and then returned it because we didn't need it at that time (the 2nd seat still worked). A is pretzeled into the 2nd seat now but she still likes it and wants to eat her snacks in it. We might be moving up to the glider soon though.

Bex said...

Such a fun weekend. You guys always have the most fun on weekends it seems!! :) It sucks that it was so nice on the weekend and now the snow is flying again. Womp. I want the sunshine back!!

Leigh said...

That's so cute how excited D was that Justin came to gymnastics! What is the next class you are doing? Meaning what do they do in the class? Thanks again for having us over :)

Nikki said...

My goodness I am exhausted just reading about what you guys did all weekend!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aww I will miss you guys too! It was just nice to know there was a friendly face there :) Now we will have to have playdates more often! I really enjoyed The Revenant movie - the ending is WAY better than the ending in the book.
That shot of D being thrown in the air is awesome!! And that oatmeal cookie bake looks delicious with all that fruit baked in! I will have to do that next time.

Gabriella said...

I need your ravine! Homie would love it. I love the comparison pictures of D at gymnastics. Looks like she just loves it! I love that you and Leigh are so close, and the kids can have play dates. I really need to get to booking a trip to Canada - STAT!! :)