{week + end rewind}

 Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Rewinding back to last week, I know I shared a bit in my randoms post...
Monday Ryder had his shots in the morning and Delainey was at Ma & Pa's after a sleepover. My Mom took Delainey to Tommy PlayK while we were at his shots. 
Tuesday Delainey went to Nana's to make cookies and play and then I joined for lunch.
Wednesday I had my surprise massage & pedicure and Ryder was 18 weeks old.

{18 months in vs 18 months out}

Thursday was gymnastics - definitely a highlight of the week!

Another beautiful day!

My view getting ready Friday morning.

 Friday morning we went to visit my girlfriend Sara {& Krista} and Sara's new puppy Baxter!
 Delainey will hug giant pigs & his fine with Huck but she was terrified of this sweet thing! Go figure!  He did move quickly and wanted to play but was SO cute. She did warm up to him but the end of our visit a little!

We spent the afternoon outside as it was SO nice. Chalk before our walk while we waited for Ryder to wake up.

And post-walk waiting for Dad to come home. Or the ice cream truck. ;) ha ha

Someone was loving it!

Saturday morning play dough!

Saturday afternoon we had a funeral to go to so we asked my brother to hangout with Delainey so she didn't have to come. We {thought} it would work out perfectly since we both googled the church name we were given and {thought} the funeral was just a few block from him. Needless to say when we got there 30 minutes early and the parking lot was empty we realized there were 2 churches with the same names and we were at the wrong one. :( The right one was at least 50 minutes away so we missed it. We were so frustrated. 
BUT we couldn't cut Delainey's date short because she was so excited about hanging out with Uncle Jeff so we went and grabbed a bite to eat.

Eyeing Daddy's beer!

Delainey had a blast and was not happy when we got there to pick her up!!
They went to a giant park near Jeff {we may have to go on a field trip just so we can go play there}

  Went for ice cream at Village Ice Cream

Played with Junie and when we got there they had the living room transformed into a giant fort. It's no wonder she didn't want to come with us!

PS. Auntie Jolie is in Mexico for 10 days with some of her Spanish students on a school trip!

When we got home we walked Cruz and then did some hopscotch practice!

Sunday morning Justin let me sleep in a little and then he headed out for his bike date. 
Delainey and I made a few things - first up was slime. My Mom used to make this for us all the time and we played in the bath tub with it. I knew my "doesn't like anything messy on my hands" child would probably hate it and I was right.

{If you need me I'll be in the bath tub playing with it because I LOVE it.}

Then we made cupcakes as it was Uncle Jeff's birthday! That is more up her alley especially if there is icing and sprinkles involved.

Can you spot Uncle Jeff's special one? {Spoiler: She dropped it taking it out to him while we sang happy birthday that night! oups. He still ate it. :)}

Then we also made a play dough recipe I found that is just 1 cup conditioner and 2 cups cornstarch. We separated it into 2 and added food coloring. It is so soft and smells delish!

While we had lunch this guy gnawed on frozen banana in the mesh feeder and was in heaven. He chews on everything and is a serious drool monster! Perhaps he will get teeth before the 1 year mark like this sister - I hope not actually!

Justin had a great ride and after the changes he made to his bike just LOVES it. 

That night we went to my parents for dinner with Nana and Jeff to celebrate his birthday! We had a delicious dinner and DQ cake for dessert and you guessed it - Delainey slept over! Mom and Dad leave for 6+ weeks this week. :(

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That is too bad! Something like would totally happen to us! That park looks awesome, I was in awe when I saw it on IG. Oh man D's face in that one photo with the slime is priceless!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aww I love that photo of the three of them in your bed! So sweet.

That play-doh looks awesome! I will have to try out that recipe. I haven't actually let Sully play with play-doh yet as I can't really stand it myself, but I probably should haha.

Bex said...

I'm with Brie, that photo of the three of them in bed is sooo beautiful. Looks like a great weekend. I'm going to have to try that playdoh recipe too. Liam is loving playdoh these days. For the longest time he didn't know what to do with it but now he will play for hours with his buddy at the day home.

Leigh said...

You guys had a fun week and weekend :) It looked like D had an awesome time with Jeff..where is that park they went to? Where was the funeral home that you were actually supposed to go to?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, that is so cute that Jeff and D got to have a little uncle date! I love doing those kind of things with my nephews. I can see why she didn't want to be picked up afterwards!

The weather has been beautiful here, too, so I am loving March so far! :)

Jen Linton said...

Mmm cupcakes! I need to bake something tomorrow (note to self: no I don't) I tried Wes with a mesh feeder and he hated it..I think he just wanted to flat out eat everything