We went to hangout with one of my girlfriends today who is on bed rest trying to keep her eager baby IN. Fingers crossed a few more weeks!

If this little man is going through a growth spurt or what. He's been up more lately than when he was a wee babe. This photo was taken during the day. When he's tired from being up all night. ;) 

How much these two love each other. Even though Ryder is giving me the "help me Mom" look. 
His face lights up when he sees Delainey.


{working out}
Focus T25. I just love this workout so much. I'm so excited to get through Beta and start with Gamma and then move on to 22 Hard Corps. So excited. The end.

Delainey decides to nap for me this week sometime. I am tired so a few minutes to myself without her banging on her door trying to break it down would be a real treat. Wishful thinking I know.

How much I love this bikini but how in reality it will never fit me. I bought it when I was pregnant with Ryder {first mistake} online {second mistake} and you had to buy a small, medium or large {that's stupid}. Either way it watches me workout every day and I think it hope I can wear it some day too. ;)

{not joking}

Delainey clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday and some of the things that put her into full meltdown mode were more than comical. I hated laughing at her but seriously. Being 2 is hard.
Thankfully the sun came out for our afternoon walk so she could chase Cruz and see her awesome smile despite the hard day we had.


She loves the library and everything about it. This huge chess set they have in there, the computer, checking the books out, getting a sticker, filling her bag with books..loves it all. Yesterday she totally lucked out too. Books included: Gymnastics, Hockey, Bikes, Daniel Tiger, Olivia, Caillou, Dad and baths - so many of her favorite things! She was pumped.

I found Elmo like this the other day {in the garbage can} and asked Delainey what he was doing and she said he was going potty.


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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

The top photo looks a lot like D as a baby! The photos of them melt my heart, so cute :)
Oh man, the cup thing is too true! I started an update post on Avery and talked about that exact thing, they know what they want, when they want it and how for .2 seconds then it might change ;)

Ashley said...

That quote is soo true about ruining a toddlers day!! Silly kiddos!! Hoping for naps, I know it's something I'm cherishing lately!! Crazy how much Ryder is looking like D!! If I know you at all- you will fit into that swim suit!! Hopefully the sleep fairy visits soon!! Good luck mama!!

Leigh said...

Sending sleepy thoughts your way! I found the 4 month age very tiring as Amelia was up a lot during the night and napped crappy during the day. Hope it passes quickly!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Hahaha this post totally made me chuckle. I've actually started writing down things that make Sully lose his sh*t over because you really just have to be able to laugh about (since I'm quite certain drinking at 10am is frowned upon ;) )

And your thoughts on ordering a bikini online - haha! That's brave! It's SO pretty though! See you tomorrow! :)

Nikki said...

The two of them together so stinkin cute! And I can totally relate to the wrong color cup situation. That bikini is adorable! Never say never!

Whit said...

hahaha I love your quote about coloured cups and Elmo looks like he may need a new technique to going to the potty, haha! Wishing you so much sleep@ night and nap times it's not even funny ;) Been there. xox