I can't believe it's March. Just like I can't believe Ryder is 4 months old and that this nice weather is back again! Seriously. Anyways onto some randoms.

Brie shared this recipe with me and Delainey and I have made it twice already and plan to make it again this weekend. It's so good. The first time we used cut the brown sugar in half, used craisins instead of raisins, added a few chocolate chips and sprinkled fresh blueberries on top before baking. The second time we cut out all the sugar and it tasted just as good. I cut them into portions and then leave them in the fridge for breakfast and freeze some. SO good and Delainey loves it. Pretty sure she'd eat anything with chocolate chips.

Recipe here


{Working Out}
I started back with Focus T25 Beta as I did Alpha before Hammer & Chisel. I forgot how much I LOVE Beta and I am so excited to Gamma.
I also just ordered 22 Minute Hard Corps - it's another 8 week program with 22 minute boot-camp style workouts. Tony Horton isn't my favorite...but I think for 22 minutes I can handle it. :) I am not letting myself try it until after Focus T25.
It's on sale this month with PiYo so if you want info let me know! {Plus it's such a cheap program - and this month if you get the Challenge Pack it comes with the sand bag}

My team is also putting on a intro to coaching session on facebook if anyone wants more info on it. 25% off all products and shakeology is what sold me! :)

Delainey will always think it's fun to match. I know - fat chance but right now she gets really excited when we do.
Delainey got these pants in a Designer Childhood box and then I won a giveaway on Instagram from Lulu and Roo so just HAD to get some for Ryder and myself with the gift card. :) They are super comfy {but I would size down in adult ones as I wish I would have}.

That Delainey got to spend some 1 on 1 time with Nana on Monday. She went over in the morning and made cookies and played with her and then I joined them for lunch. I'm not sure who was more tired afterwards but Delainey sure loved it!
Nana also came to Gymnastics with us today as Gramma Debbie is sick. Ryder was awake the whole time {first time!} so kept Nana very busy! We appreciate it so much Nana - thank you!!

Very loved. Yesterday Justin surprised me with Gramma Debbie showing up when I thought I was staying at home waiting for one of his new bike parts to show up!
A card gave me instructions to type an address into google maps that took me to a Spa for a massage and pedicure! It was amazing and seriously an incredible treat and surprise. Love you babe.

I never take outfit pics anymore.

Through the ravine is how we spend most of our afternoons. We collect rocks, follow ants {yes, aunts in March - weird!}, pick grass and chase Cruz. I cannot wait for spring and summer when Ryder will be on the move and it will be nice and warm - but SO appreciate the winter we have had!

This post has taken FOREVER because Ryder is awake and so darn cute sitting with me and chatting away that I have taken many breaks to kiss his chubby cheeks and try and get him to giggle. No dice.
So I'll end there!  

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

A is obsessed with oatmeal, I have been making steel cut oats in the crockpot twice a week so she has it most mornings now. Better than her cereal addiction she had before!
So sweet of Justin!!
I cannot wait until summer, we were spoiled with a nice winter but I am still done with it!

P. Jeanne said...

OMG that oatmeal cookie bake looks amazing!!! I shall make it this weekend ;) Love that you dress your kiddos in matching outfits <3

Jen Linton said...

I'll try that oatmeal bake and see if it's a go with Wes..he seems pretty keen on pancakes and waffles so far.

Bex said...

Liam eats tons of instant oatmeal packs with his dad, but isn't interested in regular oatmeal with me, so maybe that recipe would entice him a little into something other than toast for breakfast.

I'm excited and nervous for Hard Corps. I feel like I'm going to get my butt kicked, haha. But 22 minutes!! I love it. My attention span isn't long enough to do much more at home.

That's sooooo awesome that Justin spoiled you with a spa day. Definitely deserved.

Leigh said...

Book marking that oatmeal to try out! Looks yummy. Have you tried the coconut/blueberry one that Lindsey posted a long time ago? I forget who the recipe is from, but it's super good as well. Way to go Justin! :)

Nikki said...

Spa days are the best and they are even better when they are a surprise plan from your husband!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

So glad you guys are also enjoying the oatmeal bake! I made another one from her blog last night and it tastes like banana bread! So yummy and Sully ate my bowl this morning (typical), lol.

Omg, I can't handle the three of you matching!! Too darn cute!

And wow, husband of the year award to Justin!!