{Ryder: Month 5}


^ Milestone blanket c/o Batz kids

5 months. Holy moly. He seems like he has lost almost all of his 'baby' in the last few weeks. He's sitting up like a pro now, reaches for toys to play with independently and put everything possible in his mouth. He's got quite the personality coming through and shares the biggest and best smiles. We get stopped a lot because of his hair and he always flashes the biggest smiles! He also gives some pretty good hugs.

He hasn't been weighed since his 4 month shots...he was 12lbs 10oz but with the last month of cluster feeding at night I am going to guess he's put on a few el bees!

24 inches

^ I cannot get enough of his silly smiles.
{sleep} &{daily routine}
My good sleeper did not stick around for month 4. Let's just say we see each other a lot between the hours of 11pm and 5am. Some nights are obviously worse than others but he always eats at each wake up and then just doesn't want to go to sleep afterwards. Thankfully he's happy and smiley and just wants to cuddle but also is cool {most of the time} with me just putting him in his crib and he will eventually fall back asleep after eating.
He is typically up around 5:15 for a feeding so I just bring him into bed with us so I can feed him and maybe doze before the alarm goes off and Delainey is up at 6. {Otherwise I feed him in his room during the night}
If we have no plans for the day then typically we eat breakfast/finish feeding him, have my much needed coffee while D watches a Daniel Tiger, walk Cruz, workout and then he goes down for a nap.
If we have morning plans then I usually try and push his nap a bit so he will sleep in the car and for part of our morning activity.
Then he goes down again in the afternoon for a good nap and is in bed by 7:30pm right after Delainey goes down.

He is still nursing about every 3 hours during the day and who knows at night - sometimes twice sometimes hourly! :) He is very distracted while eating now if Delainey is wanting to read with us at the same time or if I talk to Delainey while feeding him - he stops and it all cheeky smiles and coos.

He's not a pro with wanting the bottle. Sometimes he takes it no problem. Sometimes he's a real stink and I get home from a few hours away for my monthly girls dinner and I have 2 crabby boys in the house. I would love for this to improve as it would be nice to go out for more than a couple hours and not worry the whole time that they are both unhappy. But such is life.

^ bowtie c/o Will&Co

{diaper size}
Size 2 Costco brand. I wish I knew about these with Delainey they are just like Huggies [our preferred brand] just way cheaper! Thank you Nicole!
Maybe too much information - but Ryder has the strangest poops. He will have full on explosions but miss the diaper entirely almost. It's talent if anything but really makes a mess of his outfit and often the surrounding area.
Again another way he and Delainey are so a like and so different in ways. Delainey had 4 explosions that required a clothing change in all her diaper days.

3-6 months and 6 months. He's tall and skinny so has very few pants that fit him well.

{hair color} & {eye color}
Brown and dark blue.

^ moccs c/o Posh Panda {along with the moss green ones he is wearing}
leggings c/o The Little Moore Shop

top c/o Friday Apparel

Watching Delainey and when she give him attention
Playing with toys
Jumping in the Jolly Jumper or Jumperoo
Mesh feeder
Eating his feed
Being naked
The tub with Delainey
His mobile and aquarium in his crib
Crinkle books

Waiting to eat
A bottle
Not having attention for too long
Sitting for too long in the highchair while we eat {sometimes}

{nick names}
Ry, Buddy, Monkey, Big boy...

{moments to remember}
Sits up independently now. Within the last few weeks he has gotten really confident, He reaches for toys and often catches himself if he's going to fall.
He had oatmeal at dinner last night and couldn't get it into his mouth fast enough.

We have been giving him the mesh feeder at dinner time the last few weeks and he is obsessed!! He's has banada, apple and avocado. He gets SO excited when he sees it and looses his mind if he drops it!
Goes in the baby swing at the park.

He really is such a sweet, happy boy and we are so thankful for that. He's a chatty guy and I love listening to Delainey copy his sounds and Ryder get more and more vocal and excited. She loves him so much and already he loves her just as much.
We all love you Ry.

Delainey 5 months

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Bex said...

He's such a beautiful boy. And that hair is incredible!!

Leigh said...

Happy 5 months Ryder! I wonder how the Costco diapers compare to Pampers? Oh man, Amelia has had so many blow outs at the dayhome lately. So many poopy clothes.

Carolyn said...

Where did our babies go?!?!?! Tyler is still a little skeptical on food, but he's doing pretty well. I'm jealous of the sitting - Ty COULD do it, but he likes to fling himself backwards instead. HAHAHA! He's trying really hard to figure out how to move - we're in trouble in a month or so I think!!! :) Glad to hear everything is going well! I JUST started getting sleeping all night - like three days now. I'm hoping it's the new normal!!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm not sure if you know this but he is adorable!! I love watching him grow each month, even if it is too fast. We need another date before this kid gets much bigger!
Hope he goes back to his regular good sleeping self after this growth spurt! What is with these boys?

Whit said...

He's so handsome. Seriously I can get over how much I swoon over that child. He's adorable. haha.. missing the diaper and pooping his outfit, that's not good at all ;) lol I can't believe he is already on solids, time if FLYING!! our last baby... now what? We'll be those mom's who swoon over other people's wee babes. oh man! xox

Gabriella said...

This little guy and his outfits! Beyond precious! He is so adorable, and I know I say this with every picture you post, but his hair is just too awesome!! :)