{Ryder: Month 4}


I honestly can't believe our boy is 4 month old. I thought Delainey grew up quickly but whoa Nelly these 4 months have flown by. I am trying to savour all these moments with Ryder so small and cuddly as I know before soon he'll be running around the backyard with Delainey and Cruz. 
He's honestly such a happy baby. He's always flashing huge smiles and tells some pretty extensive stories. Mostly to his toes. He sure LOVES them. But Delainey gets the most little giggles. Sometimes I can make him giggle tickling his neck but Delainey definitely wins in the giggle department even though they are few and far between so far. He has the best little voice and I just love that you can see his personality starting to come through,

12lbs 10oz

{Delainey was 12lbs at 4 months and 24 inches}
Here we were thinking he was so much bigger then Delainey and he's not! Percentile wise he's a pipsqueak but just like Delainey he's growing on his own chart and that's all we care about.

23 inches

He continues to be a great sleeper and I am so thankful for this. He sleeps in his crib at night and for all naps unless we are out of the house. He goes to bed around 7:30pm and then he's typically up between 2-5am sometime to eat and then again between 6-7am when we get up. He usually has 1 good nap in the morning, another in the afternoon and then maybe a cat nap on our afternoon walk in the stroller if Delainey allows it. If we are out running errands in the morning or on Gymnastics day he has a big nap while we are out. He loves his car seat and sleeping in the truck. We swaddle him in the Halo Sleepsac at night and for most naps. He's rocking a nice pink one now as he's grown out of the 2 newborns ones I bought him and we decided a pink hand-me-down is fine for sleeping. :)

He's pretty darn easy going but when he's hungry he does tell you. As soon as he knows I'm getting ready to feed him he gets this goofy grin on his face. He's not a very gentle eater so I am little afraid for when he gets teeth
 He eats every 3 hours during the day {sometimes 2} and then I feed him right after Delainey goes down around 7pm and he's in bed by 7:30pm. I used to wake him before I went to bed but stopped as he didn't seem interested in eating then and it often threw him off sleep wise.

{diaper size}
1 - we are using the Kirkland ones from Costco.

He's growing out of all his 0-3 month pants in length but 3-6 month pants are far too big in the waist. This is why I love small shops because they can make them a little longer in the legs for you and smaller in the waist. But for the most part he can still wear all his 0-3 months tops but we are starting to pull out his 3-6 month stuff.

{hair color}

{eye color}
Dark blue

Watching Delainey and when she talks to him
Playing with his toes
Kicking and playing with the toys on his play mat
Sitting and standing with support
Being talked to
Being naked

Waiting to eat
When we are eating dinner most nights but we put the bumbo on the table and that keeps in happy a bit longer
Being tired
Dirty diaper

{moments to remember}
Much more aware of what is going on now. Turns his head to voices and sounds.
Reaches for toys on his play mat and grabs mine and Delainey's hair constantly {that doesn't piss Delainey off at all - ha!}
Getting more fond of tummy time and has perfected the cobra pose
He has rolled from his tummy to back a few times and has been so close to rolling from his back to tummy
He honestly has the loudest poops EVER! You can hear them across the room.
Went for his first hike.
Was a champ for his 4 month shots.

We love you Ryder Keith! Every day just gets better and better with you and we are just so incredibly lucky you are ours.

Delainey 4 month recap

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Gosh I just love him!! He is such a cute and calm little guy! He looks so much like his Daddy in that first photo in the crib with the pillow behind him! These 4 months have flown by! Seriously you were JUST pregnant with him!

Leigh said...

Happy 4 months Ryder! He really is a happy and content little guy ...unless I give him attention on the floor and walk away ;) Sorry again!

Stacy said...

haha I like when people blog these kind of posts...I remember, both my kids were at 12 lbs at 8 weeks old...crazy!

Ma and Pa said...

He is just so precious. We love him to bits just like we love his adorably sweet big sister.
The photo of him hanging onto the chair with a little smirk on his face is my favourite. ��

P. Jeanne said...

What a sweet happy boy! He sounds so much like my Savannah ❤ Happy 4 Months Ryder!!

Bex said...

He is seriously such a cute boy. I need to come meet him soon <3

Jen Linton said...

Oh he's so cute..and I love Those leggings!

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

He is just adorable. He's starting too look like such a little boy!! 💙