{Hammer & Chisel: Review}

I'm kind of a creature of habit and love routine so my plan was to jump right into Focus T25 when I got the ok to start working out like I did after Delainey was born. I did that for a month but then this new program came out - Hammer & Chisel - and it sounded like an amazing program and I just had to try it. I LOVE new programs. Kind of obsessively.

So on January 1st I started it and followed it to a tee only having to pause and take a few days off when I fell and slipped on ice.

My BEFORE photos...2 months post Ryder.

I tortured myself looking at old photos of myself to give myself that push that I could do this again. I remember after Delainey was born I honestly thought I would need to get rid of all my clothes as nothing fit when I thought they should. :) I felt that way again so I had to remind myself to slow down and that change would come - with time and hard work. I already was proud of what my body had done but working out was MY time each day {even if I had Delainey, Ryder and Cruz with me for almost every single workout!} and with this being our last baby I was excited to push myself and work hard towards my goals.

This program is a joint venture with 2 trainers - Autumn Calabrese from the 21 Day fixes and Sagi Kalev from Body Beast. It focuses on weights, body sculpting, strength training with a touch of cardio.

There are 14 workouts total so tons of variety and you switch between trainers from day to day. 
The program is 60 days and you workout 6 days a week. Workouts range between 24-43 minutes plus 2 abs workouts that are less than 13 minutes each. It also comes with the portion control containers that the 21 day fix does for an easy to follow portion controlled meal plan {I didn't follow this - yet - I plan to post nursing}.

I obviously liked some of the workouts more than others but they all were quite different - some were more cardio focused while other were more power lifting based and I really honestly looked forward to working out. I found the workouts went by quickly as there was very little repetition and the workouts were different from what I am used to.
There is a dedicated modifier you can follow in all the videos if you don't have a workout bench or pull up bar or are more of a beginner. You do need weights - a few different sizes for sure and a work bench or fit ball are handy.

Overall - I really loved this program from start to finish. I never got to a point where I just wanted to be done because each day was so different. I was excited when I never had to do Chisel Balance again - it just wasn't my favorite! :) 
When I finished the program I was lifting much heavier weights than when I started.
I lost 8.5 inches overall and definitely feel stronger and better about how my clothes fit now. I'm not where I want to be yet - but again - I am proud of finishing this program with my 3 favorite side kicks and I am excited continue on my fitness journey.

Like I said I didn't follow the meal plan as I am nursing and basically hungry all the time. ;) But I did try and make healthier choices and prep breakfast and lunches so I had easy to grab meals. I challenged myself to drink more water and I had Shakeology almost every day {with either just water or almond milk}. I also avoided ice cream unless it was more a special occasion. I know. Terrible rule. But when I was pregnant it seemed like at around 7:30pm every night my brain would force my mouth to say "ice cream?" and then I needed it. ;) So I needed to break that cycle and not treat myself all the time just because I was nursing now instead of pregnant! Some how cookies have replaced ice cream though now that Delainey loves to bake so I have been trying hard to find us healthier choices to bake because I have no self control. :) Everything in moderation is key.

If you want any more inforamation on this program, another Beachbody program or Shakeology leave me a comment or email me justinandalison{@}gmail.com
I swear by following a set program {& my beloved Shakeology}. 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I want to try this program too, I think you look great - your hard work and dedication is a great inspiration to me! I went with the Hard Corps for post baby only because I am going to half marathon train at the same time so wanted shorter workouts to compliment that.

Bex said...

I still want to try this program someday, and I will! But I went with Hard Corps for shorter workouts & because I didn't have to invest in heavier weights and a bench.

Whit said...

You killed it in this program. Great review!! So proud of you and your determination!! Love that this has shorter work outs!!

Jen Linton said...

I think this will be my next one. Gotta get through 22mhc first!

Leigh said...

I definitely want to try this one! Maybe after I run the half marathon in May

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

You did so amazing 💕 And you look amazing mama!

Gabriella said...

So amazing! You are incredible! I can't wait to try this one!!