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I LOVED dressing the bump when I was pregnant. At times is was challenging and frustrating but nothing compared to dressing for the need to nurse a baby every 3 hours all day long. While hanging out at home it's easy but you forget how compromising your wardrobe can be if you are out in public.
Bun Maternity has thought of all of that. Their goal is to provide busy Mom's the ability to go about their day while seamlessly & discreetly incorporating breastfeeding at any time.

Bun Maternity has tank topst-shirts, dressesponchos & hoodies.

That's right. I said hoodies. I LOVE a comfy hoodie {if you know me you know I am ALL about the comfort}.
So I was all over the nursing hoodies that don't even look like a "nursing hoodie".

I've worn this many times since receiving it and I love it just as much as I loved the idea of it. 

 I am wearing a size small but check out the size chart on their site to find your perfect fit.

The hoodies have this simple snap and go design where you unsnap this crossed portion of fabric and then there is an under panel that covers your chest while nursing and then you simply snap it back up.

They are a nice light fabric so they are perfect for spring and not too heavy for those who overheat while nursing like I do.

Ryder is obsessed with playing with the strings while he eats too.

You can shop Bun Maternity now and get 25% off your order of $50 or more using the code BUNLOVE

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PS. The hoodies are so awesome they are currently sold out. :( BUT will be back in stock May 1st!
I want one in every color. But check out all their other awesome items in the meantime!! Like those tank tops for summer!

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Bex said...

So many cute things that I wish I had when Liam was a baby!!

Gloria said...

Too many cute and functional piece here! You love ice cream, wine, family, and you certainly have style mama! Love it!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great idea!! Finding nursing friendly clothing is so difficult!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Whoa, I would have loved this hoodie when we were nursing! It's so cute and practical! I never wore things like this because it was too hard to access the goods! ;)

Whit said...

No way who knew!! So awesome and it looks so comfy and cute! xox

Christy said...

Love this sweater!