{week+end rewind}

Well we woke up to a sciff of snow and some brutally icy roads. Sigh. I guess it was bound to happen.
We had a really great weekend though - weather wise too - so we can't complain. 

Rewinding back this week - we didn't have much planned and a couple play dates fell through so it was a quieter week. Mom and Dad came home so we had dinner with them (& Nana) and Delainey & Cruz had a sleepover. Easily the highlight of Delainey's week. Plus we so appreciate them wanting to spend time with her.

Ryder watches bike videos with Justin while Delainey and I do bedtime stories and just like his sister - he's obsessed!

We went to the library on Wednesday and Delainey had a turn on the computer for the first time. She knew what to do with the mouse - my mind was blown! We only use a laptop without a mouse so really I have no clue how she knows how to do this. Either way she was pretty excited about it.

I picked Delainey up from Mom and Dad for Gymnastics and dropped Ryder off.

Beautiful afternoon for a ravine run.

 More bike vids!

Friday morning I completed the 8 week Hammer & Chisel program. More on this soon.

It was such a nice day so we packed up for the zoo. It was ridiculously busy so we stuck to the outside enclosures after getting stuck in the hippo exhibit for far too long because of the chaos. 

Lunch on the patio!

Bath time! He loves playing in his Bare.Bundle afterwards! Bath time must have for sure.

Delainey didn't nap all week {in her bed} she fell asleep a few times in the stroller and then I let her sleep longer by leaving the stroller in the garage and propping the garage door to the house open while I made myself a coffee or fed Ryder! BUT then she wakes up a bear because she is in the stroller - so on Friday so after dinner when she requested to go play with Cruz outside it was go time.

  She had so much fun and when Justin got home from work late she was a little coocoo but went to bed easily thankfully!

Saturday morning Justin went his bike ride date with Brian. He had an awesome time as the conditions we awesome he said. Aka no snow or ice.

We did 983 activities. Toddlers are exhausting! :) Highlights included walking Cruz, baking, cuddling in bed after playing outside, lots of coloring, games and working out (I tried Cize and started Focus T25 Beta).
PS. Last day to get Cize and either 21 Day Fixes on sale!

Pretending the slide is a bar. Front support!

You can dress her up but she is always a mess!

Delainey even had a nap. GASP. I know. Justin put her down and after her getting up numerous times she finally slept for 1.5 hours!

Saturday night we had plans to go for drinks and appies with Justin's co-workers but that fell through so we ended up in our jammies on the couch with our own drinks and watching Suits and Fuller House. Pretty much perfection. Anyone else watch Fuller House? It's kind of great and terrible all at the same time.

Sunday morning Delainey actually had a bit of a sleep in! We made breaky and then headed out for some errands. Checking out the fish at  Bass Pro.

Justin installed some door locks on our main doors as Delainey can open the doors and unlock them and it causes us both some anxiety so I feel so much better now.
Delainey napped again on Sunday after another bit of a fight and unfortunately we had to wake her up to head to Leo & Audrey's birthday party so she was not too thrilled with life.

I asked Justin to take a picture of me and the kids before we headed the the party. NAILED IT. Real life right there.

Delainey had a blast once we got to the party. She loved decorating her crown and wand with Audrey.

 ^ I loved the pouty face for no booze!

 Coloring with Leo.

Leigh & Amelia.

And of course she devoured the cupcakes!

Brian helped Justin with some bike stuff while we were at the party so we visited with Leigh and Amelia a bit after the party and then my Mom and Dad picked up Delainey for a last minute sleepover as they were in town sooner than they thought. 
We ordered Chinese for dinner since Delainey doesn't like it and ate it on the couch watching some shows and then called it a night.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I was going to say, I remember D always watched bike videos too!
You look SO awesome, I cannot wait to get back into shape haha. I am way too impatient this time around.
I swear I might move south to have no snow, it was okay out here lately but not t-shirt weather! I am craving Spring.
I have not watched Fuller House yet, I cannot seem to get comfortable in the evenings so end up moving around until I collapse in bed!
Love all the yard photos, D looks like she is having a blast :)
Oh man that photo of you three is the best!
Have a great week :)

Stacy said...

sounds like a great weekend. we got hit with freezing rain lastnight and another winter storm in effect...we are still cleaning up from the 51 cm of snow we got two weeks ago then last week's freezing rain storm. Bah! My friend is moving to Cochrane in April...not sure if you guys are around there but I should connect her with you guys!

Nikki said...

Looks like life has been busy and full for you. The kids are adorable!

Ashley said...

Toddlers are exhausting haha. Love your real life photo lol. Jealous of your weather, but happy to see ours looking up - although there is supposed to be a snow storm tomorrow haha. Looks like the party was fun! Love that Ryder loves bike videos too!!

Jen Linton said...

Ah man Fuller House is a hot mess. But I'm still watching it all! I am nine thousand percent envious of your post 2 kiddos bod. I JUST stopped breastfeeding and am paranoid the weight will all come back :(

Leigh said...

Delainey`s hair at gymnastics is fantastic! I love it. Good to see you guys this weekend!

Leigh said...

ps- I should have stayed at your house for dinner. Mmm Chinese food!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What a fun and busy weekend! Toddlers ARE exhausting! Haha. That would stress us out about the locks too! Yikes! And oh my god, you look smokin!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Busy!! Thanks for coming to the party!! Audrey & Leo loved having you guys there and I got my Ryder snuggles in! Thanks for taking pictures too! That pic of you three is mom-life right there! At least you were laughing!

So much fun in the backyard!! Good for burning off energy!

Whit said...

haha real life is right! Oh goodness, no nap would make this mama literally lose her mind! I can't do it. So kudos for you my dear for staying sane.
Looks like a great week even with all the fall throughs on plans. I love the chinese on the couch watching your fav shows! I'm not watching Fuller House, but we don't have netflix. It looks cheesy and awesome all at the same time. ;)
You look amazing by the way! That's a lot of self control and hard work so good on ya mama!! xox