{week+end rewind}

We just got inside from running around the backyard - I was actually so hot I had to take my hoodie off {Delainey had to copy me} and we were in a tank tops. The sun is so warm - seriously this weather is ridiculously good.

Ok rewinding back - a few pics from the past week...
Nana came for a visit on Tuesday after being away in Mexico for over a month. We were all excited to see her and have a visit. After she left we played outside for a while before lunch.

Nana brought D back this cool ball that we had fun with that!

After fighting her nap we went for our walk and to the park. Slide races!

Morning snoozes.

Wearing some of Delainey's old jammies!

I went through a bunch of my bins from when I did in-home Early Intervention and found some games I thought D would like. She surprised me and does really well with them.

Ravine runs. She loves chasing Cruz. She always yells "Wait me Tuz".

 ^ Skirt is from Portage and Main's new spring line but we couldn't wait to try it out. : )

Gymnastics day!

Clearly we spent the majority of our week outside playing!!

Hide & Seek is her favorite right now, we play it at the park and in the backyard which is nearly impossible but she loves it.

Friday night we had Gramma Debbie, Crystal, Troy, Emerson, Nixon as well as Auntie Sandy who was in town over. We had an easy meal of pizza and then the dessert we made for Troy's birthday. We had a super fun night and great visit.

Saturday morning games!

We facetimed with my parents and then headed out to go to the bike shop and lego store. :)
Family selfie!

I wanted to get one of these big sheets of lego for Delainey as we played with one at the library and she loved building on it. I'm not sure who enjoyed the lego store more, Delainey or Daddy.

Family walk and park stop.

We had a fun family game of Hide & Seek upstairs - lots of places to hide!! Cruz makes thi s game very challenging. ;)

Coloring - another activity she is really into again.

Sunday we did jobs around the house, J ran errands with D, did an oil change, I worked out, Ryder did a lot of eating, we played games and I took them troops on a big walk to 2 parks.

Justin made us a delicious BBQ salmon dinner and it was an early bed for Miss D after not napping 3 days in a row.. ;) I wish she got her napping skills from her Daddy instead of me. :)

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Leigh said...

The weather was absolutely gorgeous the last couple of days! It can stay around until the spring ;) D is not a happy child at all ;) haha. The picture of the ball that your nana brought back looks like you added it into the photo...kind of trippy!

Bex said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend. I love D's giant smiles in all the photos. Such a happy girl.

Jennifer Golding said...

I can't believe this time next year you will two little munchkins to chase around the backyard! Ryder is getting so big. I wanted to get Jax one of those Lego sheets but didn't even think to look at the Lego store (boys toys really arn't my forte) Have a great week. Weather is supposed to be amazing again!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Ok, I am moving south with you! It is nice here but not that nice!
I am always so impressed with all the photo you take, I am so bad at taking them!
A loves hide and seek so much right now too! Those games you found for D look awesome, I was just out at lunch looking for things for A to do once baby comes, anything to keep her busy.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is awesome that you were able to spend so much time outside! Our weather has been really nice here - although not nearly warm enough to get down to short sleeves or a tank top, but hopefully that weather is around the corner!! I hope that the no nap streak ends very soon!!!

Jen Linton said...

Ok I want a girl now. She is so darn adorable