{week+end rewind}

I LOVE love love me some long weekends! And short weeks when Justin is back home with us for a couple days sooner.
Rewinding back last week...

I took no photos it seems. We went to Joso's in the morning to have a play and visit with my friend Kim I used to work with years ago.
Delainey didn't nap.

Whit, Fin and Huck came over for a walk and quick visit. 
Huck continues to grow yet these two continue to be great play buddies!

All the toys and these two sit in Ryder's chairs and play with dog toys. :) Delainey gets so excited when she knows it's date day with them.

Emerson & Gramma came to watch gymnastics and sit with Ryder. He's never been awake during gym yet! Delainey and Emerson were so cute when they saw each other.

Love these little toes on the beam!

Her & her buddy Sully.

First to run up for stamps. Don't forget the tummy Coach Sue!

This weather has been amazing! And when you don't nap you get kicked out of the stroller and have to walk!

Collecting rocks.

And marching!

Thursday night Justin went to a concert with Brian {& dinner before}. Jeff and Jolie were looking at houses near us so they came over afterwards and we ordered pizza for dinner. Delainey was pumped and so excited to see them - and the pizza!

We met up with Nicole {Audrey & Leo} at Flip Factory for the open gym. It got pretty crazy busy {it was Teacher's Convention - silly me!!} but the kids still had a blast and Nicole and I got a workout keeping up with them.

See Ryder in the corner - he slept through all the noise!

I asked Delainey to bring her toes up to the bar cause she can do that herself now and she said "No Mommy I need Coach Sue!"

We made Cake Pops. It was maybe a bit ambitious of an activity with a 2 year old who wants to do most things herself but she was a really good helper and was patient with all the steps.

Ryder was a big help too. ;)

We had a few issues with the pink chocolate so they aren't the prettiest but they were tasty.

Post workout taste testing!

We spent some time outside {he really didn't need the snow suit!} as it was so nice out and Justin was out checking out a bike. Spoiler: He bought it!

Justin headed out for his Valentine's date with Brian and his new black beauty. He's been looking for a new bike for a while now that will replace both his bikes and found a guy selling it not far from us and it was pretty much exactly what he wanted with some upgrades. He's one happy guy.

And now he has to sell his 2 bikes! :) 

We hung out at home - worked out, walked Cruz, played in the backyard, had baths and then went to the park!
Cuties in their Valentine's jammies! Ryder's were Delainey's and Delainey's were hand-me-downs too!

For dinner we were invited to Leigh & Brian's for ribs. :) Sold.
Amelia wondering where her cake pop is!!

We had a yummy dinner and a fun visit as always.

Was Family Day! :) So I requested we get out of town and head to the mountains. Justin never says no to that and always knows where to go!
We headed out to Kananaskis for a hike {Ryder's first}.

It was a beautiful day for it - the kids weren't cold being carried, we were hot walking and Cruz was in heaven.

We had hoped to get to the Ice Cave's Justin has heard about but they turned out to be a little too far with the kids - maybe next time. We did 10km.

We had a snack lunch in the truck when we got back to the start and then of course Justin took us for ice cream! :)

Justin also made us a delicious dinner that night! This is his plate but mine and Delainey's looked pretty much exactly the same. Delainey loved the crab legs! Smart girl.

Gramma Debbie came for a visit after dinner and that was it! :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awe she looks like she has so much fun at gymnastics! We have drop in here but tit is right during nap time so I doubt we will ever get to go :(
D's little bun is way too cute! Cake pops are ambitious without kids, let alone with kids, good for you guys.
This is weather has been way to good to us, and I think Spring is very close - yay!!

Ashley said...

Soo jealous of your lack of snow!! We got more today! This weekend is supposed to be mild, so fingers crossed it takes most of it away again!! I'm interested in your cake pop recipe - I can't imagine hand moulding cake batter into balls... Isn't it runny? I'm looking forward to getting Noah into swimming lessons for the spring. I know it's just water introduction, which he is beyond, but I think he will just enjoy being in the pool every week!

Leigh said...

Looks like you guys had a fun week and weekend! Delainey's toes painted are so cute! How did you get her to sit still long enough to do it? And thanks again for coming over. Not thank you for leaving the ice cream here!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Whoa, Huck has gotten so big! Sounds like you guys had a really fun week + weekend. It's nice that the weather has been so great. Although you'd think all that fresh air would tire Miss Delainey out so she would nap for you!! The dinner that Justin made looks awesome! I'm a little envious of women with husbands that can cook... that is not something Phil can do!

Nikki said...

What a great few days! I love a good family day being outside!

Bex said...

What a fun week. D looks like such a big girl lately!

Jen Linton said...

Look like a pretty darn good week!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

"no mommy I need Coach Sue" - - hahaha! She's hilarious! Flip Factory looks like a blast! I'm sorry I couldn't make it that day, if you plan to go again in March,let me know the date! I feel like we never get to chat at gymnastics class (because we don't, haha!).