{week+end rewind}

Happy Monday! Holy moly it's nice out!! We played in the backayard for over an hour - the kids in tees and myself in a tank! Beautiful.
I hope everyone had a good weekend. We had no real plans so it was kinda nice. Rewinding back this week...

My Mom took Delainey swimming after her nap. She was super excited about it but still isn't keen on cold water for too long. Soon enough! :)

Delainey woke up not quite herself but after an hour nap on my chest she was just fine. Maybe a little sassy {see photo below...} but thankfully not sick. We were going to head to the library but we decided to just play it safe at home.

Before dinner she HAD to go out and play in the backyard. Only to get out there and her claim it was too cold. Back inside we go.

Building forts with Dad. This was her rocket ship.

We headed down south and had a play date with Whit, Finn & Huck. When I reminded Delainey in the morning that we were going to their house she clapped her hands and said "YAY, D play Fin, Tuz play Huck, Mommy talk Annie Whit". You got it babe. :) We had a great morning as always. I secretly selfishly LOVE her slow months! Weekly dates are amazing.

After dinner my Mom came to pick Delainey up for her last sleepover for a while as Ma & Pa headed to the sunny beach yesterday morning! :) 

These two and I had a quiet morning and did some tummy time. Cruz is so helpful.

Gave this guy a bath. And it looks like I have short hair here...makes me want to chop it just kinda.

That morning Mom took Delainey to gymnastics and Gramma Debbie came over to hangout with Ryder so I could run out and visit my friend Sara.

It was a beautiful afternoon and Delainey wanted to walk on our extra long walk - so many hills were too icy to get up so we had to keep walking!

Bedtime goofiness!

Watching bike vids. He has 1 child obsessed with bike videos and is clearly hoping for another.

Showing off my new favorite tank top. Perfection!

Friday mornings for his guy.

Mug c/o My Sassy Life

We had to get groceries that morning but I was so unorganized apparently and thought I had added what we needed to for meals but got to the store and my list had 5 things on it. Fail.
We headed to the library from Superstore and of course Delainey wants to check out the pool, rink and people more than the library!

We bought some white rigatoni pasta to dye for some valentines necklaces. :) It was super easy and she loved it. {We separated the pasta in to 2 Ziploc bags. Added about 10 drops of food coloring {I used the neon pink & purple} and then a teaspoon of water. Zip up the bags and let Delainey shake them all up. I massaged the bags a bit afterwards to get the color on all the pasta. Then we dumped them out on cookie sheets with paper towel. Let them dry over night...}

Twins. Waffle shirt buddies.


Justin headed out to go riding with Brian in the morning. Nice at the top but skating rink at the bottom apparently but he still got out. 

We did our backyard clean up duties after Cruz's walk. She loves this job. Toddlers are weird.

Then we got into production mode making necklaces!

Saturday afternoon was spent visiting with Gramma Debbie and then my parents who stopped in for 1 last visit.
We ordered pizza for dinner {Delainey's favorite!} and then once the kids were in bed we watched The Martian.
It was really good I thought.

We headed to the zoo! It was Ryder's first trip and he was a trooper. I wore him the whole time and he slept most of it.
The baby penguin is HUGE and so fluffy!! We got there right as the penguins were going to do their walk and it was nuts so we skipped watching it and it was the best idea - we had the zoo to ourselves!

Baby Giraffe

It's always a treat when Daddy comes  - she gets to ride the carousel!

Rhino was out pushing his balls around.

Someone really likes his toes!

After the kids were in bed I saw ROOM. I had read the book and the movie was excellent - sad obviously but well done. I am not sure if someone who hadn't read the book would like it as much and obviously there is way less details in the movie but I enjoyed it.

And just like that it's Monday.

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Bex said...

I am taking Liam to the zoo this week in hopes of seeing the penguin walk. I know it will be crazy but I think it would be so so cute.

Ryder just gets cuter every day.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I wish, it is still chilly here with a ton of snow!
That photo of Ry and the coffee mug - priceless!
Great idea with the necklace, I might need to try it though I think Avery would try and eat the pasta, sigh.
I love the zoo in the off season, I just told Chad we should get there before Baby C comes but that is being VERY ambitious!

Ashley said...

Your hair would look super cute that length!! Mikes parents were the same before they left for vacation- as many stops as possible!! I am waiting to watch any sad movies until after this baby is out! I can't handle it haha, but that movie is on my list!! Jealous of your weather!!

Leigh said...

You guys had a fun week and weekend! Delainey looks so cute in her little track suit. Where are your parents off to? And you could totally pull off hair that length :)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Ohh I think your hair would look great that length! You remind me of Carrie Underwood in that photo! I really want to see Room! So glad to hear they did a good job.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What a great week!! You sure keep busy! Ryder is soooo cute!! His hair kills me!! Love him all cuddled up on the bed with your mug! I need baby snuggles badly!

We haven't been to the zoo in over a month! Unheard of!!

I need to remember to watch Room- the book was so good.

Whit said...

I secretly love my slow season too :) And I not so secretly love your mat leave. Just putting that one out there! She is such a love bug, just love those babies of yours.
We did the same thing when we were at the zoo too, skipped the walking penguins and crazy crowds and got to see the zoo almost empty. lol So awesome!
Looks like a good week mama, except the part where your parents left on vaca. :(
See you tomorrow!! xox

Jen Linton said...

Love her grump picture! We need to get to the zoo this year- I think I'll have to buy an annual pass.

Gabriella said...

I need that wine and puppy cuddles tank! You guys have so much fun! I know I say this all the time, but Ryder's hair....Obsessed! :)