Randoms today because I am giving myself 15 minutes to sit before heading down to workout.

 Valentines. Delainey worked really hard on these and helped with every step. She has even been working on her scissor skills. Lines not hearts though so I cut out the hearts. :)

Ry was totally into it.

Chicago Fire, Med and PD. Plus some Shameless, Suits and Scandal. And of course some mindless Bachelor. :)

Delainey isn't giving up her naps. She naps maybe 4 times a week. Always on weekends and most of the time on gymnastic days. Other than that it's a game of her getting out of bed dozens of times and me getting frustrated and finally after an hour we give up the fight. Other than duct taping her to her bed and building a wall instead of a door I've tried it.

This weather we have been having! It was up to PLUS 15 yesterday. That's unheard of for February. 

She likes bouncing like Cruz.

{Delainey was being a bit of a turd yesterday pushing all of my buttons and then some so I was so thankful we could spend most of the afternoon at 2 different parks. This was after a morning spent at at an indoor play place even and still not napping.}

This delicious salad from Costco. It has cilantro in it and cilantro vinaigrette dressing so it's a good lunch since Justin thinks cilantro tastes like soap.

Whit also introduced these to me from Costco too and they are SO tasty and just apples.

It's funny that now that Delainey makes choices about things she always chooses the less girlie option. Star Wars undies, superheros and when choosing a candy always chooses orange - little does she know red or pink is always better. 
I finally found the kid version of my water bottles at Costco that I have been wanting to get her {to get rid of some of hers that leak/replace the ones she has chewed the nipple off} and of course she chose the pack on the right. ;)

Justin for surprising me with flowers yesterday right when my head was about the explode or put Delainey up on Kijiji. Just kidding. But seriously. My hubby rocks. 


And that's it. Times up. Have a fabulous day!

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Bex said...

Oh man, there must have been something in the air yesterday because Liam was a holy terror last night for me too. It was awful and I went to bed defeated after he FINALLY did (close to 9).

Bex said...

PS. i'm a bad mom, I totally forgot to do anything for Valentines Day this year. I bought Liam a shirt, but kind of ran out of time to get or make valentines or any crafts. And I forgot to redo his bean bucket. Fail.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

With Avery being left handed scissors are the worst to show her! I know most left handed people use them right handed but she just will not do it. Sigh.
I am so not looking forward to nap fights on mat leave, she naps all the time at dayhome but some weekends are tough and we fight.
Love that salad, I had it for lunch today and added roasted chickpeas.

Ashley said...

Love the valentines!! Soo sweet!! Noah loves those water bottles!! That's too funny with her choices!! Noah is pushing my buttons - I fear the twos have begun and I'm not ready! The word no was cute - for the first day, now not so cute!! Loving all the Chicago shows as well!! Glad Olivia is off the bachelor- she was crazy! Jealous of your weather, we came home to snow... Which had melted when we left... Welcome back haha

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What Becky said!! Yesterday was a long, whiny afternoon of meltdowns. Sully would even ask me for something, I'd hand it to him, and then he'd lose his mind lol. Or how about when I was stretching after a workout yesterday and he brought over one of his crackers, put it in my mouth and then had a meltdown that I actually ate it. Oh boy!!

Have you thought about instilling quiet time during her original nap time? This is my hopeful plan once Sully gives up napping...basically, from 12-2, or whatever your nap time is, the expectation is that he would have to play quietly in his room. I'm not sure how to make this happen, but I'm determined to make it work when the time comes, lol!

Nikki said...

We love the contigo water bottles! We also love the munchkin 260 cups!

Deep breaths with miss D! Hugs xoxo

Leigh said...

Super cute Valentine's! I'm not doing anything this year, but looking forward to making some with Amelia next year :) Sorry to hear that D has been a turd lately. Good thing she's cute! She'd also go pretty quickly on Kijiji ;)

Jen Linton said...

Love that shirt!!! Except I watch bachelor on Tuesday morning...I used to eat that salad all the time and they kept changing their dressing and it gives me indigestion. Womp. But we do pick it up if we need a quick side!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the picture of Ryder leaning over his bumbo to watch what Delainey is doing! Too cute! And that is funny that she opts to pick the less girly things! That was nice of Justin to surprise you with flowers - I'm sure that was a nice pick-me-up after a tough day with your twonager.

Katie said...

scissors? you are so good. we haven't even thought about practicing that! and so sad about naps! I hope it's a phase and not giving them up!!!

Carolyn said...

OMG! That last picture. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love hearing about Delainey and all of her "Free spiritedness"! Oh toddlers. :) I love watching their preferences form, and I think it's so cute that she is a bit of a tomboy! No naps - please no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabriella said...

I love that salad. It is my go to lunch at work! Looks like you are having some great weather! The picture of D on the swing is too cute. Two year olds are so funny....you can send her to CA for a bit ;)