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I was so excited to learn about Frock Box and even more excited to try it out & share it with you guys. Plus is Canadian and actually from my home town of St. Albert, Alberta!

Frock Box is a monthly style subscription delivered right to your door! 
They have 4 plans to choose from:

Jewel Box 
Includes a handmade piece of jewelry or accessory from a Canadian designer. {$29,95/month}

Frock Box Gold 
Includes 2-3 handpicked items to create a complete outfit. {$49.95/month}

Frock Box Platinum 
Includes 4-5 handpicked clothing items or accessories to build an amazing wardrobe. {$94.95/month}

Frock Box Favourites 
{This is the one I just tried}
Includes 5 handpicked, individually prices pieces every month. Try it on at home, keep what you want and return the rest in the pre-paid envelope provided. The monthly styling fee is $24.95. If you keep one or more items you will be charged for those pieces only and the styling fee will be deducted. If you don't keep anything the styling fee will remain. Keep all 5 pieces and you get 25% off! 

How it works:
It was incredibly quick and easy. You choose your plan.
They will ask you a series of questions to develop your style profile. 
These include hair color, age, some sizing information. You'll see some photos of outfits and you check the ones that inspire you.
They will ask what items you would like them to send - so I opted for no pants, skirts, shorts or bikinis. ;) Or accessories and shoes.
They show you a series of weekend activities and you check the ones that apply to you {no more night clubs for this lady}!
You also have the opportunity to write a bit about your style. What you like. don't like, if you are looking for something specific. It's here that I noted that I had a baby 3 months ago and didn't want anything too tight! :)
It was SO simple to navigate through and you just go through the questions and click what applies to you.
PS. They offer sizes S-3XL!

I was excited to get my first box. 

{Don't mind the kids in the background. I started taking photos when they were both in their rooms "napping". Then Ryder joined and not longer after Delainey was up for the 57th time.
Also I apologize for the selfies but I needed to get photos done and couldn't wait for the weekend and bribe Justin to take them when it was light out!}

Item #1 - Mint Sleeveless Dress with Geometric Pattern {$64}

I wasn't sold on this dress when I first saw it. The material is really nice and soft, it has pockets and isn't clingy at all! And then I put it on and it was SO comfortable and was quite flattering...I am torn on this piece. Return or Keep? I'm thinking I could easily dress is up for a wedding this spring...the photos don't do it justice either.

Item #2 - Blue Cardigan with Lace Trim {$59}

I immediately loved this piece. I am sucker for cardigans and lace. I do have something similar to this and this is why I am torn about this piece. It's so pretty! It would be great with leggings this spring as well as over a fitted dress and boots. Return or Keep?

 PS. How cute is Ryder & Cruz just sitting there watching me!?

Item #3 - Coral tunic with Suede Pocket & Arm Detail {$49}

I immediately loved this. The color and I just adore arm patches!! The fabric is really nice and light and hangs so nicely. I have it on over jeans here but would be great over leggings. LOVE this top. It's a keeper.

 Item #4 - Gilli Navy Cardigan with Chiffon Back {$49}

This was a really nice top. I liked the fit and style of it - the back was really unique but it just wasn't me. Returning.

 ^ Delainey reading to Ryder! :)

Item 5 - Black & White Polka Dot Dress {$64}

I like this dress, it hung really nicely and I loved the shoulder details along with the pocket and tie at the waist. I just don't see myself wearing it so I am returning it.

Overall I LOVED this Frock Box and would definitely try it out again. All of the pieces and such good quality items and all very unique.
They also have an online shop that you can shop directly from as well. 
Check out thier FAQs page here for all the details. 

Now you guys can try out Frock Box and get 15% your first box or shop the online store and get 15% off using the code ALISON15

{Sorry American friends they are only shipping in Canada right now}

Thank you Frock Box!

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Murdock's mama said...

I LOVE the first 3 pieces!!

Leslie said...

I have been wanting to try this company for ages now! I have just been to scared to take the plunge haha

Jen Linton said...
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Jen Linton said...

This is just like stitch fix! I would try, but too rich for my blood. Plus, I'm better at wearing pajamas and workout clothes haha

Bex said...

AWESOME! I've been waiting for Stitch Fix to come to Canada so this is great. I will check it out!

Amanda van Drunen said...

I totally just ordered one to try :) my mommy wardrobe needs a make over . Taking 3 kids under 5 shopping is just not happening anymore ;)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

This is awesome! I've always wished we had stitch fix, so this sounds like a great option! And I hate shopping for myself, but I also feel like anything I order online NEVER fits like I hope it well so I dunno. Having large boobs doesn't seem to help, haha! I love that first dress - you should definitely keep it!!

Bex said...

I'm curious to know what brand/s they send?

P. Jeanne said...

What a neat idea!! I love them all :-)

P. Jeanne said...

What a neat idea!! I love them all :-)

Leigh said...

Love that cardigan with lace and the pink top!

Frock Box said...

Thank you so much Alison for this review! We loved seeing these photos including your little cuties - that is what mom-life is like and one of the main reasons we created Frock Box. Who wants to haul all the kids to the mall? Can't believe you look so amazing after just having a baby. Thanks again! :)

Whit said...

The cardigan, the tunic and the dress are all awesome. i want that tunic and cardigan!! So freaken cute. Love this idea! I love that you can return them so easily!! So neat! xox

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Cool idea!! I love that cardigan with the lace!! Everything looks so good on you- especially the first dress!