Happy Friday! We have had a pretty laid back week. I didn't plan too much as I wanted to try and get Delainey back on track for naps. I know she still needs one as she falls asleep in the stroller every afternoon if she doesn't and she is a much happier little girl in the evenings when she does. We are making a bit of progress so here's hoping it continues. On to some randoms to wrap up the week... 

A birthday cake for Troy for our family dinner tonight. Delainey is such a helper and is pretty excited that the cake involves brownies, oreos, caramel and ice cream. Super duper healthy.

Why Cruz is being such a stinker. She demolished one of Delainey's brand new moccs yesterday that she got the day before and she took it off the TOP of our dresser while we were at gymnastics. 
Worst part is they were for us to review...oi.

She is spoiled with 2 walks everyday, playing ball in the backyard, me kicking he ball the whole time I workout, up on the bed when I feed Ry....grrrr. Needless to say she was not in my good books yesterday and got tied by while we played at the park instead of playing with us and spent the afternoon on the deck.

{Looking Back}
Delainey & Ry in the same jammies! Delainey is 1 month younger here. SO different.

How much these two love each other already.

Girls dinners. We had one last night at Nikos Bistro and it was delicious. It was National Wine day too - only 2 of us could partake though - bring on allllll the babies!

I just wish Ryder was better for Justin when I go on these monthly dates. :(

My 10 day goal in my Challenge Group this time around was to meal plan for 10 days and it went pretty well! Here are 1 new recipes I tried:

This boy is hilarious with his naked toes! nom nom nom


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Bex said...

Oh Cruz. Bad puppy! That sucks so bad. I love the picture of Delainey and Ryder watching cartoons together. So sweet.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I hope naps improve! I realized our issue on Saturdays - we are rarely home so A wants to nap on the go so when we are home its a fight. I agree they need to nap still!
Those photos of D and Ry and so cute, makes me excited for a sibling for A :)
Enoy your weekend!

Jen Linton said...

I am so anal about making sure we're home to get in naps! I don't dare witness any potential crankiness! Poor shoes :(:(

Leigh said...

Uh oh Cruz! It's a good thing you are cute ;) Love the pictures of D and R together- so cute! Hope you had a great weekend :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh boy, that is a bummer that Cruz chewed up D's new shoe! Whenever I hear about dog's doing things like that, I think of the book "The Art of Racing in the Rain" as there is a scene where the dog destroys a stuffed animal and he feels so terrible about it (it's told from the perspective of the dog). Those photos of D & Ry together are so sweet!!!!