Happy Friday! :) Both kids are napping in their beds at the same time for the second day in a row! I call that success. Ryder also has slept almost 10 hours 2 nights in a row now in his crib. Who is this kid?
Anyways how about some random-ings!

Delainey a Valentines Day shirt - Ryder has one so Delainey needs one. :)

If my night sweats will ever go away. I still get them at least twice a week where I wake up drenched in the middle of the night. It's gross and I'm over it.

{Working Out}
 I have been truly loving the Hammer & Chisel program. I found my love for lifting weights with the ChaLEAN Extreme program and love this one even more. There is a cardio component to the program but weights are almost always involved. I just love a workout where you feel it working.

I will finish week 5 tomorrow so 3 more to go! And then back to me beloved Focus T25.

PS. Cize, 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme are on sale this month! Let me know if you want details or if you want to join our private accountability group starting on Monday!!

My hair stops falling out. I'm actually starting to carpet the floor of our tiled bathroom and I'm worried I will have none left on my head soon. I remember this after Delainey but not quite so bad.

Like I mentioned - Ryder is sleeping like a champ in his crib at night time {& naps}. 

Starting Monday we put him to bed shortly after Delainey goes to bed - I wake him before we go to bed to feed him and then he goes back to his crib. He's only been getting up once like most nights before but on Wednesday night & last night we put him to bed at 8:30pm and I woke him at 6:15am to eat!!

I always check on them right before I lay down to sleep and Justin makes fun of me every time. :)

I've been drinking my Shakeology after my workouts every day and I really love it. Plus I just tried the new Cafe Latte flavor and it is SO good. Tastes like a creamy iced latte. {I used almond milk, water, ice and half a sample pack}. It's frustrating it's still not available in Canada yet - hopefully soon.



And I think that's all I got. Have a fabulous weekend!

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Leigh said...

Oh man, the night sweats and the losing of the hair was the worst! Almost as bad as the hair growing back in. Hopefully both stop soon for you! Way to go Ryder....that's awesome that he is sleeping so well. I check on Amelia every night too..just can't stop! Have a great weekend :)

Jen Linton said...

The hair loss ruined me! And it just consumed everything- was all over the baby, the dogs- and Tyler hated it! Haha. I want hammer and chisel to go on sale!!

Katie said...

your top is so cute! and that is awesome he's sleeping so well!! yeah!!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I'm so glad I never experienced night sweats, but ugh, the hair loss! My bathroom floor was always covered in it. And the tub! Haha. Yay for Ryder sleeping and napping like a champ!! What kind of monitor do you have? I'm assuming it hooks up to your phones with an app?

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yay for tandem naps and Ryder sleeping well at night!! Leo has been waking around midnight almost every night for the last week or two. He usually goes back to sleep quickly but I'm not used to these wakeups anymore! Hurry up and come in you darn molars!

Can't wait to see the kids' shirts for Valentines!

Night sweats were so gross- I don't think mine lasted past a month or 6 weeks though. The hair loss was awful too. Small prices to pay for these sweet babes!

I still check on the kids at night!

Whit said...

I'm obsessed with becoming comfy in my skin too!! Love that.. and I love these dang beach body work outs.. I love the weight aspect of them, keeps them short and effective.

I would have another child if someone could guarantee me a Ryder.. just sayin!

And I have been carpeting the floor of our bathrooms for years now, it's nasty! Not sure why I lose so much hair!