{Delainey: 2Y 4M}

I figured a Delainey update was in order. She is definitely two and knows what she wants...and sometimes doesn't and that's a problem too. She's so much fun and even though I am exhausted at the end of most days from playing 100 activities a day or just dealing with her quickly changing moods I wouldn't change anything. It's a season and soon I'll miss the "twonager" stage. She really is a good kid and we are so lucky to have such a happy, healthy little girl.

{weight & length}
23lbs & 2'11"

She loves food. Not a huge veggies lover. She's a pretty great eater though but depending on her mood she can be very picky and choosy from day to day.
Something she ate today she won't tomorrow.
Loves snacks - fruit leather, fruit bars, breakfast bars, raisins, gold fish, penguins, muffins...

She loves steak, fish, hummus, pizza, soup, grilled cheese, rice pudding, smoothies, yogurt, cheese & crackers, berries, bananas, beans on toast....

Going to Ma & Pa's house. Asks every day. :)
Kaya, Kitty Kat. Halloween.
Taylor Swift music. Silly songs.
Frosty the snow man book. We read it before nap and bed.
Tormenting Cruz. Kissing and cuddling Ry.

The ipad - she doesn't like TV. [Daniel Tiger, Olivia the pig & Peppa Pig on the ipad]
Coloring, crafts, play dough, painting, baking.
Baths with Ryder and myself in the big tub.
Play places and play dates with friends.
Lego. Riding her bike in the basement.
Gymnastics. Sledding.
Brushing teeth, flossing and cleaning her ears with Dad.
Doing things herself.
Making huge messes and then cleaning up.
Hide & seek. Making forts with Dad.

Being 2 is really hard some days so her dislikes may be the way I cut her toast. Or that I indeed cut her toast. Or didn't. Or actually she didn't want toast. ;)
She gets upset over the tiniest things sometimes and other times is so easy going. But when she's in her mood she may just drop to her tummy for a big cry. I hear I may have done this as a child...

When you say no to snacks before dinner.
Her hands being messy.
Something being too hot or too cold. Which is everything. Everything needs to be room temperature.
Having her hair brushed {torture!} and sometimes getting dressed.
When you do something that she wanted to do.

{what's new}
Potty trained. Other than night time.
She must do everything herself. "D do it Mommy" comes out of her mouth multiple times daily.
Went to the dentist.
Mainly all 2T clothing.
Puts on pants, coats and boots herself and does up zippers if you start them for her.

{What Delainey says}
She really says the funniest things {I think} so I started making notes in my phones of them.

- We were sitting at the dinner table and Justin was getting annoyed that she wasn't eating and D looked at Justin and said "Oh Daddy soooo sad!"

- While potty training we were out on a walk and we stopped to pick up after Cruz and Delainey started clapping and said "Yay Cruzie now you get prize"

- I told Delainey it was bed time and she said "No yet Mommy, 5 more minutes DEAL"

- To Kaya "you need be nice girl and have nice words or time out"

- We were in the basement organizing last week on a day I wasn't working out cause I was still sore from falling and D asked if I was going to workout. I said no cause Mommy hurt herself and she said "Oh no Mommy, you tough girl Mommy I kiss it better"

- I was just having a smoothie for lunch one day cause we had a big breakfast but was getting something more for D, we sat to the table and she asked where my lunch was and I said I was having my smoothie and she said "oh to make you big and strong girl"

- Ryder was crying and I was trying to get dinner ready and Delainey said "Mommy feed Ry he's hurting my face"

- We were reading and I tooted a few minutes later she said "Oh no Mom you poop?"

- Cruz was staring at D while she was eating a snack on the floor and D said "No Tuz, this D snack, you a dog"

She pretty much makes my day every day. I love her strong personality even if it challenges me on a daily basis. She is sweet, sassy, silly and opinionated. She has the best laugh and makes ME laugh constantly. I am always in awe at how big she is getting and how smart she is. We love you Miss Delainey Brynn so ridiculously much.

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Nikki said...

Oh my the things toddlers say! Too funny! She is getting so big!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awe!! I love reading these posts. Beans on toast?! haha! Some nights Avery will only eat raw veggies for supper and then says her tummy hurts, I wonder why ;) The cutting of sandwiches or anything is too funny! Avery looses her mind if she sees me cut things but if it is just magically cut that is okay...

Whit said...

She's such a lovey!!! So cool you have this to look back on!! Big hugs to my favourite Delainey girl!! xox

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, what a sweet post! She is such a cutie! I can see how this age is challenging at times since they just don't know what they want and it changes so much from day to day. I am glad there are lots of great moments, though! I loved reading all of the things she says! You are so smart to write them down so you don't forget them!!

Katie said...

she is just so cute!! and yes to the brushing hair torture!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Awww she is just the sweetest!! Their little minds fascinate me every single day. I laughed so much reading this...especially the part about toast...some days I just can't win. Or the toast isn't toasting fast enough. Or I picked the wrong colour plate. Sometimes I forget to tell Jim of Sully's current preferences and that makes for a funny story! Sully also hates messy hands, but he also loses his s//t when I wash them, so, again, can't win! LOL. I love reading the things she's said - so funny!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love this!! It feels like I'm reading about Audrey (and now Leo). Toddlers are crazy and hilarious!! I also write things in my phone and then put them in the little memory book.

I love how she calls herself D! Apparently in baby classes they need to teach us how to cut toast!

This age can be so hard but it's so awesome at the same time.