{A birth story: Ryder Keith}

Well I guess it's time. Ryder IS over 3 months old and all so I finally finished "proof reading" Ryder's birth story over and over and over...
It always takes me far longer than it should and then I re-read it way too many times and still I am sure I am missing something. Anyways here it is. And I warn you already - it's very wordy and photo heavy. But I am sure you didn't expect anything less from me - besides it's more for me to have it written out anyways.
Plus it's Ryder Day! A day just like Delainey Day that we will celebrate forever. 1 year ago today we had our IUI that gave us this beautiful boy that completed our family in the most perfect way possible.

Ryder Keith - October 28, 2015
{Ryder is a name we liked way back when we were pregnant with Delainey. If she was a boy she would have been Ryder. Justin got it from professional Canadian cyclist Ryder Hesjedal.

Keith is Justin's Uncle's name. He was killed years ago so I unfortunately never met him. He was a father figure to Justin and was truly an amazing Uncle.
We always knew that if we had a boy his middle name would be Keith.}


I woke up around 11pm on the 26th of October with really bad cramps/ light contraction. These continued every hour all night so I got very little sleep this night. 
We had plans to get our flu shots on the 27th so we did my favorite Dirty 30 workout from the 21 day fix after our walk and then headed out. I did take my 2nd last bump photo!

We had to wait in line to get our flu shot which wasn't super fun but thankfully Delainey was really good and I had a bag full of snacks and books and there were lots of older ladies around us who liked talking to her. 
Post flu shot {or nose spray for her!} snack. 

We made some Halloween jello jigglers before her nap! Everyone bakes in a fur vest yes?!

Post nap snuggles as I was so tired, feeling rough and dreading Cruz's walk!

We eventually took Cruz out and it was painful. I had such painful contractions while walking that I had to stop and crouch down/sit on the path in the ravine. I secretly wanted Cruz to carry me home and thought a few times I may have to call Justin to rescue me. Thankfully we made it home! ;) I was supposed to go to girls dinner that night but Justin quickly kiboshed that idea when he arrived home to find me doing puzzles on the floor with Delainey - in tears.

Once we put Delainey to bed I started timing the contractions. Because of my previous c-section and hopes for a VBAC my clinic doctors wanted me to head to the hospital when my contractions were 5-7 minutes apart to monitor me.
They were 4-6 minutes apart. Justin was getting frustrated with me because I couldn't decide if we should go to the hospital or not. I just didn't know! I didn't know if the contractions were bad enough...I didn't want my parents to come over to stay with the girls if they were just going to send us home...I was SO tired I just really wanted to go to bed {and sleep!} and then have a baby in the morning...haha
After watching Chicago Fire {in tears mostly} Justin took my phone to see my contractions chart and said "call your parents". 
We packed up the last of the things for the hospital bags and waited for my parents to arrive. 
LAST belly photo minutes before leaving for the hospital!

The drive seemed to last forever and Justin asked me later if I knew the route he took to the hospital and I had no idea. Thankfully Whit sent over our family maternity photos right then so I could kind of focus on looking at those between contractions! :) 

We arrived at the hospital and got into triage right away {so quiet in there that night} and met our doctor - Dr. Brown. Strangely enough I had never met her. They hooked me up to check on Ryder and they checked me only to find I was only 3cm dilated. They said after they monitored Ryder for 30 minutes they would have me just go walk around for a couple hours. That sounded awful.
But then every contraction I had Ryder's heart rate would drop on the monitor. They kept having me switch sides and positions until we found one where he seemed pretty stable during contractions. Because of this - our doctor sent in the surgeon {womp womp} because she said if Ryder's heart rate kept dropping we would need to consider a c-section. 
I of course started crying even though I had prepped myself mentally for another c-section. I was still just a wee bit upset that we weren't even there an hour and already we were talking the c-section route. The surgeon and resident were great and said they hoped not to see me again but I had that sinking feeling we would.
If I stayed on my right side through contractions Ryder seemed to be ok and we hadn't had an "incident" for over an hour so they sent Justin to check us in and they would move us to a laboring room and hopefully get things moving.

Once we got there we met our amazing nurse Kathryn - she was so awesome I wanted to keep her our whole stay and then possibly take her home with us! 
They kept losing Ryder's heart rate on the monitor during my contractions so they decided to put a internal heart rate monitor on Ryder's head {a little transducer gets put under his scalp}. I was relieved they could do this but it was also stressful because every time I had a contractions an alarm would go off whenever his heart rate would drop - which was every contraction. :( 
So we started talking about breaking my water to get things moving as I wasn't making fast progress and poor Ryder wasn't happy in there.
Once she broke my water {which is a very strange feeling compared to it breaking on it's own!} my contractions intensified like crazy and were much closer together. Because of this poor Ryder just wasn't stabilizing between contractions. The alarm stayed on for far too long and before we knew it the room filled up and they were turning me on the table faster than I could move myself {especially during a contraction}. They had strapped an oxygen mask to me and it really just felt very chaotic from my point of view. I went from being on all fours, to on my right side to someone holding my legs up faster than I could process what was going on. I didn't feel like everyone was working well together or telling me what to do they were just doing it for me which was very stressful and I just couldn't stop crying because all I could hear was that damn alarm!! Between contractions they would try and talk to me and I could not focus so thankfully Justin was able to talk for me.
Between another contraction the surgeon appeared to check on me and our doctor quickly spoke up and said we should discuss our options. I can't make a decision on a good day so when they asked me what I wanted to do I really had no clue. I really just wanted someone to tell me what to do and I wanted that alarm to stop yelling at me.
So I just cried cause that solves all problems right!? To be honest I felt relieved to see the surgeon because at that point I just wanted Ryder OUT NOW. So after a quick discussion about the fact that we had no idea how much longer I may be in labour, Ryder was in distress, yada yada - I was pretty much begging to sign the consent form ASAP and to get me into surgery.

Once we arrived in the operating room poor Ryder's freaking alarm wouldn't turn off so the were moving quickly. I cried happy tears to see Kathryn in there suited up - I didn't think she would be in there and I was SO thankful. The anesthesiologist got right to the spinal tap. The first 2 times she couldn't get it in! The surgeon told her and myself that if she couldn't get it the next try they would have to put me to sleep for the c-section because that was quicker and baby was in distress. I immediately started to bawl but then immediately stopped because I knew I had to be still for the spinal and just looked at Kathryn and said "I am not getting put to sleep for this!" Thank GOD she got it in the third try and they got me all prepped.
Meanwhile they forgot Justin in the laboring room and he had to go ask to get prepped to come in!

Finally they were ready to begin and Justin was at my head holding my hand and definitely not peeking over the curtain! :)
The procedure seemed much like the last time as I remember only I didn't get feeling nauseous at all and felt a lot more tugging and my lower body moving side to side this time. I could not stop shaking - I think partly from the drugs and just the stress.

Finally our sweet little man was born. It took what seemed like very long minutes before we heard him scream and I don't think I breathed or Justin and I said anything until we FINALLY heard his little cries loud and clear! I burst into tears and Justin was able to go over and see him, I think then I finally relaxed and took a breath. As much as I didn't want a c-section at that moment I LOVED c-sections and couldn't be more thankful for it. My babies just don't like to cooperate coming into the world!

They brought him over to me and poor guy's head was so swollen and bruised from being pushed against my pelvic bone during contractions - his head was looking up instead of his chin tucked down. We have some photos that are just so sad of his wee little head.

Ryder stayed with us the whole time they put me back together which took a lot longer than the first time. The surgeon actually removed my first scar and re-did my incision {with stitches again not staples}.
They brought us into recovery and Ryder was with us the entire time. He nursed right away which was a relief. I just remember being freezing and SO thirsty.
Justin made all the needed texts while I nursed Ryder. Even though it was after 2 in the morning by then our parents all texted right back! :)

Once I got feeling back below my belly button they moved us to our room. We really lucked out our entire stay and had the best nurses and no one in the bed next to me so basically a private room. The nurses were so sweet & helpful but also left me alone as much as they could. It's like a revolving door the 12 hours after with the surgeons, doctors, all the random tests, checking the incision, catheter, IV...but I did feel like with it being my second baby they left me alone a lot more which was so nice.

I sent Justin home around 4am so he could get some sleep and possibly have a cat nap myself. I was all ready to do that when the surgeon came in to check on me and then the nurse asked if I wanted to go watch Ryder's first bath so we did that. 
Once we finished I nursed him again {and pumped} and then I really wanted to go for a walk. Before I knew it it was morning and Justin was heading back to the hospital. I was SO tired but just running on that new Mom high I guess.

On the 28th we had lots of visitors! Well we had the max amount of people they let come visit {only Grandparents, siblings and 1 support person other than your significant other}.

Gramma Debbie came first.

Then the big sister arrived! She was apprehensive for sure and not really keen on the whole situation but she did so well. She brought Ryder a stuffed puppy that she picked out with my Mom and Dad and Ryder also bought her a stuffed puppy too that we bought! :)

Gramma & Grandpa {Delainey and Cruzie stayed with them}

First photo as a family of 4 - just missing our Cruz.

Whit arrived that afternoon {with coffee & her camera of course}! So thankful she could meet both or babies at the hospital and take such special photos of them.

He had a sign on his bassinet that said "Don't worry I am just bruised" so new nurses didn't worry that he wasn't breathing as he was purple and pretty beat up.

Ryder was proving to not be the best eater. He was sucking and latching ok but not getting much colostrum at all and then getting lazy. I was pumping after every feed and giving him the few little drops I was getting from pumping via syringe but we were supplementing him with formula after every time I nursed. I saw 2 lactation consultants. One...I am no expect but I am not too sure how she was either. After spending what seemed like forever with me her conclusion was: his mouth was too small, my nipple was too big, keep trying. I'm sorry what? That doesn't help me and you just wasted my time.

Thankfully the one I saw right before we were discharged was clearly in love with her job and was SO great. She seriously got up on the bed with me criss crossed her legs to face me and tried everything! She was hilarious and so great. She didn't even mind that I fell asleep while she was writing up her report and talking me through the plan. :) ha ha
We did rent a hospital grade pump for at home but thankfully as soon as my milk came in {which was the night we were discharged} Ryder ate like a champ and has ever since.

I found it ironic that my view was of the Fertility clinic. :)

 A few hours before we left we had a group of soon-to-be doctors from the ICU come in and do a teaching session using Ryder. They asked if they could as he was the smallest baby there at the time! He was so good letting them poke and examine him for a good hour.

Last hospital cuddles waiting for discharge. Those moments are so precious and I cherish those quiet times with just Ryder.

All ready to go home.

Tiny little peanut. We are so thankful for you and how you became ours. 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I've been waiting for this story! I'm just happy Ry got out safely. It brought back all the memories since it was very similar to Avery's.

Kristin said...

I love birth stories! :) Glad everything worked out OK and your sweet little man arrived in the world safe and sound!

Ashley said...

Beautiful story!!! Makes me look forward to this little peanut coming!! Hoping for an easier delivery with this one! Haha

Nikki said...

I'm sorry you had such a stressful delivery but you have an absolutely beautiful family!

Christy said...

aww it breaks my heart to hear how stressful his birth was! I'm glad you were both able to get through it and everyone was healthy afterwards! <3

Mrs. Jones said...

I love this post!!! xox Such a beautiful family. We must try to see you soon!!! Maybe we'll throw ourselves into our car this summer and drive over. Love your fam!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Awwww sweet Ryder!! Loved hearing his birth story again! I was tearing up through most of it! I love Ryder's name even more now that it's after Ryder Hesjedal! I've cheered for him during the Tour de France before! That totally makes sense!

And I love that Justin is wearing shorts leaving the hospital in October...

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Oh my word. What a story!! I'm so sorry you (and he) had to go through all of that, but so happy all is healthy happy and well. You're such a strong woman and an amazing mom. Great job all around!! I can't believe how many feelings reading another mom's birth story brings back--all the feels. Lots of hugs and kisses to you all!! Thank you for sharing.

Leigh said...

I love reading birth stories! I'm sorry Ryder didn't want to cooperate and you ended up with a c-section, but so glad he is here with his amazing hair :)

Kaella Carr said...

I love this so much and definitely am crying now. I love birth stories!! So happy your family is now complete. You guys are adorable and...I really want to meet you all some day soon!!! xxx

Gabriella said...

Beautiful story! Brought tears to my eyes that your family is now complete! <3 Such a special time, and a special little man!

Bex said...

Beautiful story. Definitely teary eyed reading it. I'm so happy that Ryder made it safely. It's so stressful when things go into chaos like that and your plan doesn't pan out. But what matters is that you were both healthy and happy. <3333

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh man, I am a blubbering mess reading this! I know it wasn't the birth you were hoping for and I can only imagine the stress and anxiety you must have been feeling at certain moments, but yes, thank goodness for c-sections at the end of the day! Your story brought back so many memories for me in the operating room too - I cried through the whole thing! What a miracle birth is, no matter how it's accomplished! Thank you for sharing your story xoxo