{What I am Loving...}

I've been so confused with the day this week as Justin was off for an appointment on Tuesday and it threw me right off! On to some things I am loving at the moment...

Clean snuggly babies and our Bare Bundle towel!

This girl.

She even lets me dress her in doggy tees! 

These two playing together. Well - it was more like Delainey having a tea party and forcing Ryder to join her! Yes they are both blurry.

Playdates with Whit, Fin and Huck - we REALLY miss East but this whole school thing gets in the way!

Smiles for Auntie!

These two play SO nice together and get real silly together at times too which is so darn cute! They were both just a puddle of giggles on the floor at one point. :)

We will look at you but you will not get us to smile!

And these two are just great buds! We leave them out to play the whole time and they just rip around together! So awesome. And yes Huck is much bigger than Cruzie now but they don't care!

My Mom showed up with a new hat for Ryder yesterday!

 He clearly was VERY excited about it and I LOVE it. He had a doctors appointment today and he is a whopping 11lbs 4oz of perfection! Chunky monkey!

Loving the new workout program Hammer & Chisel! It about killed me yesterday but in the best way possible of course! So excited for all the ladies in our Challenge Group this month too. Everyone is doing so awesome. Let me know if you want details on this new program as it's on sale this month along with 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme and 3 Day Refresh!

And there is a new Shakeology flavor coming out! It's already available in the US we are just patiently waiting our release date!

Delainey is still doing SO good with her potty training. No accidents since Saturday night, dry for all naps and even some mornings! Full post next week - I had big plans to get it up this week but I have had little time to sit with the computer. Same goes for commenting on my favorite blogs - I read them while feeding Ryder but hate commenting from my phone so bear with me blog friends.

Delainey had a sleepover with Ma & Pa last night and they took her to gymnastics today. They went sledding twice - once to the big hill and once in their backyard. Delainey had a blast!
Helping them make dinner!

Thanks again Mom & Dad!

Lastly TOMORROW is Friday!

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Bex said...

That towel is so stinking cute. As is the hats your mom makes.

I kind of have FOMO with Hammer & Chisel. I know I said I was going to use what I have, but FOMO is getting to me and I feel like I should just take advantage of the sale lol. Right now I've committed to a full round of Les Mills Pump because I've only done the workouts here and there but never the whole program.

Leigh said...

Fin and Delainey are so cute together! Same with Cruz and Huck :) Love the hat your mom made too...she's so talented!

Nikki said...

Oh my Ryder in that minion hat is adorable!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I loved that towel, and R is getting so big!! Adorable hat too :)
Urgh A had a bad couple of days this week with potty training. But we figured out dayhome was giving her 2.5x the milk daily!! Ahh. So now that we fixed that she's back on track.

Katie said...

so nice when playdates are filled with playing well together! and yea for sleepovers! I think i just got that cardigan/sweater for addilyn - so cute!!

Jen Linton said...

What a cute hat!!

findingpurehappiness.com said...

Ryder is starting to look so grown up!! He is just so handsome ♡ And I love D's outfits you dress her in...she's just the cutest!! I have yet to try H & C but everyone seems to love it :-) And that coffee flavor Shakeo sounds so good right?!? Yum :-) Have a wonderful weekend ♡

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the hat your mom made for Ryder! And he looks so excited about it with his arms in the air in that photo! Could he be any cuter?? Your heart must just be bursting when you look at your 2 beautiful, healthy kiddos! I love the picture of Delainey helping with dinner and playing tea with her brother. Too cute!!

Amber said...

That hat your mom made is soooo cute!! Love the picture of the dogs running too, sometimes when I'm too lazy to walk Chloe I just take her over to my mom's house and she just runs and runs in the backyard with my moms dogs.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow Ryder is getting big and cuter by the day!

Good job D on the potty training!

Huck is huge! Makes Cruz look tiny!

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

Can't wait for Cafe Latte. I am seriously impatient haha. Love Ryders hat :)