{week+end rewind}

 Happy Monday! Thank goodness for weekend. They are just so good. We had a busy one but had lots of fun. 
Thursday was a nice sunny afternoon so we got out for a long walk. Ryder seems to love being in the stroller with Delainey and Delainey thinks it's the coolest thing ever. She chatted to Ryder the whole time and kept saying "look Mommy, Ry right there!" 
But wholly cow it's hard to push up hills in the snow!

This cutie was just asking to have her photo to be taken!

Friday we just hung out at home and in turn did 837 activities. She blows though activities and then I hear "what do now Mom" over and over!

I asked her to paint the flowers for me.

Playdough princess!

She can reach the light switches now. So every light is now on in the house and Justin can no longer only blame me. :)

Tutus and shenanigans on the bed before nap time!

Her top and Ryder's are from our favorite Canadian shop Portage and Main.

 ^ Delainey's sweatshirt c/o Portage and Main

She's a riot. I love her silliness. And this guy was all gummy smiles until I pulled out the camera!

 ^ Baseball tee c/o Portage and Main

Friday night my Mom came over so Justin and I could go on a date night! First of all we went to pick out a new microwave as after 2 months of waiting - The Brick decided to just give us a store credit for a new one. I think for all the trouble they should also give me this sign because I REALLY want it. Justin is lucky he was with me otherwise it would have come home with me. :)

We checked out a new restaurant {we thought it was a pub but turns out it's kid friendly} State and Main that just opened up right by us. It was good and nice to get out with just Justin! Thank you again Mom.

Saturday morning we took it easy and then got ready for Amelia's little birthday celebration.

  Leigh, Brian & Amelia

Delainey thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes!

And Amelia was too cute plowing through her cake!

Happy Birthday Amelia!

We made a quick stop at home to feed Cruz and Ryder and pack up for Blake & Karen's for dinner. We had an awesome visit with them and as always a delicious dinner. Marcus is such a cutie.

 Sunday morning Justin started installing the new microwave and as expected it was a huge pain in the ass just like the old one was. He had to drill new holes through the tile back splash again {it's over the range} and it took way longer than we thought BUT we have a microwave!! Whoop whoop!

Delainey also has a new home. :)

Nap time cuddle buddies.

Sunday night we headed up to my parents for dinner with Jeff and Jolie. We had lots of fun in the backyard and playing hide & seek after dinner! Delainey just had a ball.

We had a delicious dinner as always too! :) 
And then I cried cause the weekend was over...just kidding. But seriously. I love them.

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Bex said...

I like State and Main but kind of forget about it since it's across the city from me. Their banana bread French toast for brunch is soooooo good. Sounds like a good weekend! Love Delainey's tutu!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I cannot wait to use our stroller like that, I am hoping it is good to run with!
Lol, I cannot wait until A can reach the lights but that will be a while still, someone else to blame ;)
Fun weekend, ours are so boring lately and seems to revolve around packing! haha. Love the picks and D and R :)

Jen Linton said...

If you want a walking buddy that is older than 2 years, let me know! Wes is more of an Ergo fan, but STILL a workout nonetheless! That photo of Ry on your bed....googly eyes. I'm glad your microwave debacle is over

Leigh said...

Does your stroller have a sling for Ryder to go in? I just wasn't sure how it worked. Thanks for coming to Amelia's birthday! Looks like you guys had a great weekend otherwise :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! I can see how pushing both kids uphills in the stroller would be a good heart-pumping workout! And it's so sweet that Delainey likes sharing the stroller with Ryder!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh we will have to check out State & Main. I've heard mixed reviews.

I must have missed this- your microwave died again? Was it at least under warranty or something? How annoying!! Glad you have a new one and new home for Delainey!

I like that sign! I would have brought it home for sure!

I remember when Audrey first starting reaching the lights! She would turn her light off and on all the time when she was supposed to be sleeping! Now she just turns them on and never off!

Whit said...

haha I love the fam dinners and hide and seek is my fav! Way to go on getting that damn microwave dealt with. The Brick needs to get new customer service, cause that was a long wait for a microwave! xox