{weekend rewind}

Oh boy. I have a lot of catch up to do here. Story of my life it seems! I had big plans to blog that week after Christmas once we got home from the lake but we were busy having fun and during Delainey/Justin/Cruz's nap time I chose to cuddle Ryder. I know the day will come that he won't want to snuggle and won't sleep on my chest so I am enjoying it while I can. And trust me it's worth it.

I spent most of the break having no idea what day it was and it was SO nice. Until all of a sudden it was Sunday the 3rd and Justin had to go back to work. Pout. We had a really good break with him home though.

For now let's rewind back to when we got home from the lake. What we got up to...
Justin had the fun idea to build a slide on our deck steps. Delainey has had SO much fun on them. Maybe as much as Daddy! :) She quite the brave one and wants to go solo and they are pretty steep!

Insists on still using the slide! :)

Ryder had his 2 month shots and was a total trooper. 2 month recap this week!

We had all of Justin's longtime buddies over for an appie night. So fun to have us all together.

More backyard fun! We had some pretty mild weather which was SO nice. 

 For NYE Justin and I just made a nice dinner together and had a night in watching Scandal and Making of a Murderer. We had to put our dinner on hold as it got a bit late and the 2 youngest in the family were not appreciating our delicious meal and 2 whiny kids was not the ambiance we were going for. So we put Delainey to bed, I quickly fed Ryder and we tried to reheat what we could. 
{PS. They still haven't fixed our microwave}

Ryder slept almost 7 hours that night!
New Years day we took it easy and played at home.

Justin and I also started our new program! :)


For dinner we headed to Justin's Mom's place and we had Chinese food. The kids were reading together so nicely. Nixon was so cute reading to Ryder.

Morning goofiness with these 2 while Ryder and I slept in!

Ryder makes the best faces for his Daddy!

Saturday was a community skating day at the new rink we have. They had hot dogs, chili and hot chocolate too!

We got there at a great time as it wasn't too busy yet at all.

Delainey really enjoyed herself and we decided we needed one of the skating trainers to help her feel more stable out there. With none on kijiji I posted on the NW Facebook group I am a part of and immediately a lady replied that she had one and was in the community right beside us! :) So I am excited to get her out on the rink again to try it out.

She ate an entire hot dog and then thoroughly enjoyed the hot chocolate and marshmallows!

 MORE time spent in the backyard after her nap!

 D's hat is from the lovely Genevieve's shop MaTanteGe.

Daddy chasing Delainey...

 Sunday morning play time.

Justin and Delainey made home made pizza for dinner with our new pizza stone!

And just like that it's back to our regular routine. Delainey is so cute and counts down the days that Justin has to work. 4 more days now.

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Ashley said...

Sounds like an awesome busy week!! Glad J got time at home!! We don't have quite enough snow yet for fun play outside. M and I are starting the fix work outs tonight!! Looking forward to getting back into a routine! Love the pizza, looks like they had fun!! Haha! Love D's gold bow soo much!! Did you make it? Also those two piece jams with feet are pretty amazing!! Where from?

Bex said...

Looks like a fun week! I love all of Ryders cute little hats. How are you liking Scandal?

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What a fun, busy week! It's always sad when daddy has to go back to work here too (more for me at this point I think haha). I can't get over Ryder's hair - too cute!! Did D have lots of hair as a newborn too?

Kaella Carr said...

Awww, what a fun week! I love the slide!! Ha Ha! I need to take London sledding next time we get some snow (it's pretty much melted now!)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I hear you I had no idea what it was between Dec 26-Jan 3! It was awesome :)
I have heard great things about Making of a Murder, I might need to check it out!
D looks like she loved skating the second time! I need to find A skates, last time we looked everywhere was sold out of her size. Boo.

Jen Linton said...

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on hammer and chisel- I need to add something to my rotation and keep putting it off!! I can't believe you've been without a microwave for that long!!! That's a lot of cold coffee ;)

findingpurehappiness.com said...

What a great couple of days you had!! I love that you took the time to unplug and cherish those moments with sweet Ryder ♡ And D's smile is seriously the cutest!! I think it would be hard to say no to her with a smile like that ;)

Gabriella said...

Your family is adorable! Looks like so much fun in the snow. Miss D and Ryder are so cute together, and of course the most stylish kids. I love it!!