{week+ end rewind}

Happy Monday. I swear last week was the longest week and then this weekend was over in a zippy. Why can't it be the opposite. Sigh. 
Well last week may have been long but it's a week I am so glad we have under our belt.
We've been talking about saying bye bye to diapers for a while now and Delainey liked the idea of sitting on the potty so when I had no plans for 3 days I decided it was go time!
I whipped up this chart during nap time on Sunday after a trip to the $ store for supplies and Walmart for candy, prizes and new underwear. I think I'll do a post on it later this week.

No pants party for 3 days at home! Other than walks. :) She chose Star Wars and princess undies. ha

She was chatting to Pa on her "phone" made of garlic bread. Dinner time shenanigans!

We got a surprise package to the house from our friends at Portage and Main - formally Crowns & Coroknits.

This time Cruz was spoiled with a few tees too! Just in time for some chilly weather. She's a great model and more cooperative than her sister!

Delainey found these light up runners in her closet that were a hand me down and stomped around the house chanting something that I couldn't make out!

This guy just looks more handsome by the day! His hair is nuts but I love it.

My Mom got a new car! ha ha I just love this photo. It's SO my Mom! :)

Ryder is so used to big kisses from both sisters!

Thursday was our first day back at gymnastics and I was super nervous as it was our first car trip and outing in undies but I should have had more faith in her she did so awesome!

She also did SO good, trying more things by herself and doing everything instead of just her favorite things.

She was not impressed with the weather and was upset because her baby Kaya was getting wet. 
So I took a picture. ha ha

She got a juice box as a treat after her naps during our potty training week!

Justin was out at a retirement party on Thursday night so I plowed through 3 episodes of this show that Justin PVRd for me after Delainey went to bed. Love it and make me miss the students at work.

I know I take far too many photos of Ry sleeping...but seriously... him and Cruz. 

Friday morning my parents took Delainey to Flip Factory for some open gym time so it was just Ryder, Cruz and I. We went for a nice walk, fed the monkey and then got in most of my workout.

Delainey had a blast and also peed on the potty out with them! :) Thanks again Ma & Pa.

Friday was Delainey Day - 3 years ago we had our first IUI. A day we have always celebrated and will continue to do. We popped some champagne - something I haven't had in a long time! Love this girl so bit - we are SO thankful. Posted this on Instagram.

Saturday Miss D completed her chart! So I had to quickly make another one on the back because she was always excited to get a star.

Saturday morning Justin took Delainey to the dentist for the first time! She was so late getting teeth we held off until she was caught up as the dentist recommended. She was hesitant but did really well and the dentist was impressed with her shiny whites and flossing skills. Way to go Delainey and Daddy.

Saturday night we had my family over along with our close family friends the Barberios. It's been a while since we had seen them all and it was nice to meet the significant others! :)

Auntie and her little loves!

Sunday morning I had a much needed hair appointment with my cousin. It is always nice to just sit and catch up with her and let her do her thing! My hair feels so nice now. Ryder came with me and slept the whole time!

While I was away Gramma came over so Justin could do an oil change on her car and she hung with Miss D.

While the kids and Justin napped Cruz and I went for a nice walk. 
It's been a while since it was just us 2!

She's really good at selfies!

After nap time it was play time and then workout time!

Sundays nights are now Father/Daughter pizza night. They do a great job making pizza together and D loves it almost as much as she loves eating it! She discovered last night she loves raw mushrooms. Amazing what happens when you TRY something on your own terms. :)

Snuggles in our PJs watching Making of a murderer. This episode made me want to yell at the TVand cry a little.

There we have it. :) A week of potty training in the books and Delainey has done SO incredibly well! We are so proud of her.

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Bex said...

Sounds like such a great weekend. So awesome that Miss D did so well with potty training. Can I send Liam to you? He knows how to do it, he just doesn't. It's so frustrating.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Like I said on IG that chart rocks, wait until you see mine (tomorrow's post) lol. It is sad! Two weeks later and going out still makes me nervous but we have yet to have an accident in public! And awesome job D!! So proud of our girls :)

Nikki said...

Can't wait to read more about your potty training adventure. She's 2.5 right? I'm drawing a blank! #babybigtruck got a potty for Christmas and while I'm not pressing the potty training issue she is enjoying sitting on it so I'm sure it's gonna be go time soon!

Stacy said...

Good Job Delainey and Momma for potty training...you and Lindsey seemed to have hit the right window. When I was training Maddy, she was good when I started then she hit a wall and it took almost 2 years to finally train her!
Like I have said many times before - Cruz may be the best dog ever!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that is awesome that Delainey is doing so well with potty training! It seems like girls learn so much faster and at a younger age as pretty much all of my nephews didn't really catch onto it until they were close to their 3rd birthday. I bet it is awesome to have one less kid in diapers!

I loooooove Ryder's hair! He is such a cute baby and it looks like he is a happy and smiley one, too!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Oh my goodness, I have got to catch up on your blog!! You guys look so happy and look like you're doing so well! Good job with the potty training. It's always an adventure. I don't love the snow, but you make me want to, because you look so cute all bundled up! What a fun weekend. I love your little dude's hair too!

Ashley said...

This makes me want to start potty training right away, but after talking it over with Mike, I think we will wait till we get back from vacation in February, since the weeks leading up are crazy busy!! For now we will just continue on with his own plan (pooping in the potty everytime and pees every now and then). I was surprised yesterday when he wanted to use a public bathroom! Just another sign he is ready, luckily just a few weeks away! Noah's not really into crafts at all, so I might have to figure out a different chart idea to keep him excited! Love Ryder's hair! Looks like a fun week!!

Christy said...

Fun weekend! The Cruz selfies just melt my heart, she seems like such a wonderful dog! Kids are adorable, Ryder's hair kills me! I wish Ellie had more hair but it's growing in slooooooooowly. You look amazing!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aw your mom is the cutest!!

And yay D for rocking the potty training! Your chart is awesome!

Katie said...

keep taking those sleeping pictures! he is just so cute! and yea for potty training! You guys are rockstars!

Leigh said...

Totally late comment, but oh well :) Way to go D! Love the picture of her running around without pants on...so cute! Your mom is hilarious :) Glad you guys were able to spend time with your family and you have some you time to get your hair done.

Jen Linton said...

Have you finished making a murderer yet? I thought it was kinda boring? I miss the sleepy babe stage!