{Ryder: Month 3}

^ blanket c/o Batz Kids

Well I just don't know how 3 months have blown by already. Seriously. This last month honestly flew. I had big plans to get Ryder's birth story up before now but clearly I need to re-read it and add to it daily. SO maybe before his 4 month birthday it will get up. We shall see. Either way - it's been an awesome month and I am just so thankful to be home and spend my days with these 3. Even if some days I count down the minutes until Justin will walk in the door after work or until the beloved Friday rolls around. I wouldn't trade these days for anything.

 ^ Bowtie c/o Will&Co from Kelowna, BC

11lbs 3oz at his 2 month check up... I am certain he weighs more. He's a chunker.

22 inches

He's an awesome sleeper. He still naps throughout the day a lot & is like his Dad and can sleep anywhere no matter what is going on around him. He love the bouncy chair the most for naps but he has slept in his crib as well as the couch, swing while I workout or nestled in my big nursing/maternity pillow. He always falls asleep when we go out in the car so sleeps well in his car seat too. He is a cat napper sometimes and it's like he doesn't want to miss out on what we are up to.
He typically only wakes up once a night now and has slept all night a few times too. So lucky that he is such a good sleeper after Delainey NOT being a good sleeper as a baby.
He still sleeps in a moses basket beside our bed but he's getting the eviction notice and we will move him to his own room on Monday night!

He is exclusively on breast milk and eats every 3 hours at least during the day - sometimes it seems like every 2 but he can also go longer than 3 if we are out. I always wake him around 9pm before I go to bed to feed him and then he will sleep until anywhere between 2am-5am. He's a quick eater. He has taken bottles for my parents and myself and sometimes Justin. He's a stinker for Justin. ;)

{diaper size}
We just moved him up to 1s!

Mainly 0-3 month. Carters 3 fit him best for sure. He's long like Delainey was/is so pants are tricky, if they fit him well in the waist they are too short in length.

{hair color}
Brown and amazing. :)

{eye color}
Dark blue

Being talked to
Watching Delainey
Standing up
Cuddles and being held
Baths with Delainey {& me} in the big tub our ensuite

Being tired
Waiting to eat
When the car or stroller stops - this should not happen in Ryder's world
Putting a hat on
Tummy time for more than 1 minute

He really is the sweetest babe and we just love him SO much. I love how happy he is and how you can see him get excited with his leg kicking, arm punching, gummy smiles and coos. I love that when I reach down to get him for his middle of the night feed & he flashes me this huge smile.
He's just best and I know I have said it before but I LOVE watching Delainey with him and I know it will only get better.
{And harder in some areas for Delainey - she already gets annoyed with him if he's kicking on the floor next to her - "Ry kick me arm too hard Mommy" or "Ry stop that's D space"} :)
We love you Ry.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

He sounds so much like A when it comes to sleeping, you are a lucky Mama! I know he will do great in his own room! And I love seeing pics of D and him together :)

Bex said...

He's such a cutie. Glad that he's been an easy baby for you!

Danielle said...

He;s so cute, I love his bow-tie! So nice that he's a good sleeper, my fingers are crossed that our next one will be!

Ashley said...

Such a cutie!! I'm glad he's such a rockstar sleeper!! I'm hoping this baby will be like his/her brother, but my hopes aren't too high haha!! That's too funny about D and her space haha

Christy said...

Happy 3 months Ryder! I love his bow ties!

Ma and Pa said...

How could we not LOVE this cutie pie!! It was great to have him for a short while today and get some smiles and chats. And of course we LOVED our sleep over with his adoring big sister.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

He looks so much like Justin in that last photo - something about the way he's smiling made me think of Justin! He's such a cutie and I just LOVE his wild hair! He looks so handsome in his little bow tie! I'm glad that D is adjusting to him for the most part and is such a good big sister! I'm sure it melts your heart to watch them interact.

Kaella Carr said...

He is so ridiculously handsome! I love your little family so much! <3

Amie@RunningOnHealthy.com said...

He is so so so sweet. And just the perfect mix of you and Justin :)

Jen Linton said...

I still can't get over how much hair he has! I still have an almost-baldo

Whit said...

He's such a love-bug!

Katie said...

can't believe he's already three months! I am in love with his hair!!

Leigh said...

His little smirk is just so cute. How has he done since moving to his crib?

Gabriella said...

I can't even handle him! The bow tie, the hair. He is perfect!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

He is just so, so cute!! I can't get over his hair! And all his little outfits are to die for. I know I've only seen photos of Justin, but Ryder looks like he's a really good mix of the two of you! :)