{Ryder: Month 2}

 milestone blanket Batz Kids

Oh boy. I thought time flew by with Delainey but now with 2...it does NOT seem like 2 months ago that Ryder was born! But that's what the calendar is telling me so here we go!

10lbs 11oz

21 inches

He is such a good sleeper which I really appreciate! It's amazing how different he is from his sister in this department but we are not complaining. He is still sleeping in the moses basket beside our bed at night and then either in his chair or on the couch for naps. My plan this month is to have him nap in his crib so he gets used to it as we will move him to his own room in February.
He still naps a lot during the day but is definitely up and alert a lot more than before which is nice especially cause for the most part he's really happy and chill.
He has been spoiling me with just 1 wake up most nights lately between 230-5am and is usually only up for about 20-30 minutes and then falls asleep eating again.
He gets up when we get up with Delainey unless it's the weekend and my sleep in day - then we cuddle/snooze a bit more in bed. I typically wake him before I go to bed for one last feed.

Fast and great eater. LOVES to eat. He's taken a few bottles of breast milk so hopefully he gets good at that as we have Justin's holiday party coming up that I hope to attend for more than a couple hours and girls dinner soon too!

{diaper size}
Still newborn but I think we will get 1s next as he has had a few leaks.

Growing out of all his newborn clothes! So mainly 0-3 months but he's like Delainey and long and skinny so a lot of 0-3 is huge in the waist for him. I definitely think dressing a little man is just as fun as dressing a girl. It's pretty easy too when he's just so handsome!

{hair color}
Brown and crazy but I just love it! We gave him a trim around his ears before Christmas to try and clean it up a bit!

{eye color}
dark blue

kicking and punching his arms
when you make faces at him or talk to him
watching his sister
baths in the big tub
standing up

waiting to eat
putting a touque on
sometimes a bath
being tired
not a huge fan of tummy time

hat & diaper cover c/o MaTanteGe from Quebec

{mommy & daddy}
We can't complain at all. He's such a good baby and I am just so thankful HE has joined our family. He's perfection. We obviously have our moments that are kinda nuts but I think we are doing quite well with the transition. We get out for 2 walks a day with Cruz {unless it's the weekend - then Justin helps} and try and get out for an activity or errand each day too.
I feel more like myself now that I am working out. I am definitely eager to feel more comfortable with this post-baby body but I am trying to be patient with it. I am finding it harder this time around to be patient. I hate getting dressed and finding something that I feel semi-comfortable in and that is nursing friendly.
I love that Justin and I are doing Hammer & Chisel together - all of 5 of us actually - so that helps! I am excited to do a new workout each day and I am actually excited to continue with Focus T25 afterwards as I know it gave me good results after Delainey. Patience. ;)

{big sisters}
Cruz has been much better this month with no puppy incidents. ;) She likes being near Ryder on the bed {duh} and often gives him great big kisses.
Delainey continues to love him more and more. I just love watching her with him and can't wait until he really reacts to her. She's a great helper too by bringing him Copper {his fox wubbanub soother}, bouncing him in his hair, telling him "it's ok Ry" or telling me that "Ry sad, Mommy fix it" when he's crying. She gives me hundreds of kisses a day and I could not be more proud of her.

{matching bow & bowtie c/o Canadian shop The Butter That Flies}

She always stops playing to kiss Ryder's hands.

{nick names}
Ry, Bud, Buddy, Love, Monkey, Peanut

{moments to remember}
First Christmas
First trip to the lake
First big car side {3 hours} He was SO good. Slept pretty much the whole way both ways.

We love you so much Ryder! xo

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Ashley said...

Looks like we picked the same blanket from little ewe and me. Haha! Man I can't believe it's been 2 months, but he is growing like a champ and is oh so cute!! Love the pics of the 2 of them together!

Gabriella said...

He is beyond words cute! Those cheeks! I love him in a bow tie! Glad everyone is doing great and adjusting to your new family of 5! :)

Bex said...

Love that his wubanub is named Copper. Reminds me of The Fox and the Hound.

He's such a cutie. Delainey looks 5 years old in these pictures!!

Stacy said...

He is so cute - love his little bow tie!

Leigh said...

Time is cruel thing! He is getting even cuter and love his crazy hair!

findingpurehappiness.com said...

Loved this post! He's is just too cute and I loved reading how D is doing with him, what a great big sis <3 So happy for you guys, he's just perfect!!

Geneviève Désy said...

Miss D and Ryder both look so similar and are soooo cute!! Love the crazy hair and the bow ties :D

Jen Linton said...

Adorable- love his tie outfit!

Katie said...

can't believe its been two months already!! and yea for good sleeping - hope that stays!