{Potty Party}

Alright! It's been 2 full weeks now since we started potty training and we are quite impressed with how Delainey has done. She has only had 5 accidents since Day 1 - all of them I kind of blame ourselves or can't blame her!
She's been dry for every nap since Day 2 and woken up dry a few times in the morning - but we aren't concerned about over night yet. I still get up to pee a few times in the night!

We chose not to use a small potty but a seat that goes on the regular toilet along with a stool so she could get up on her own {both we got at Ikea - nothing fancy}. We decided this mainly because we didn't want to have to clean up a little potty constantly, we didn't want to transition her from a little potty to the toilet eventually and we wanted it as easy for her as possible when out in public or someone elses house that didn't have a little potty. But to each their own - this was just our decision. :)

We started with the 2 stools, now just have the plastic one.

Thank you to Nicole for sending us a 3-day-program that she used with Audrey. It was very basic and right along the lines of what we used to do when I worked in a special needs preschool and did A LOT of toilet training so I felt good about this program. We made modifications that worked for us along the way too.

On the Sunday prior we stopped at Walmart to get candy, prizes and so Delainey could pick some underwear out. She had her heart set on Spider-man ones but when they didn't have her size she quickly went for the Star Wars pack! Second choice was the Princess pack. Silly kid.

I ran in to Dollarama and got some supplies to make a chart, sparkly star stickers and stamp markers.

Prizes were Kinder Surprises {her favorite - we ended up re-stocking these as they were very motivating!}, Hot Wheels car, boots for Kaya, candy bracelets & a Frozen surprise egg, 

Our plan for the chart and reinforcers was:
Star Sticker for every pee and poop plus 2 candies {manly left overs from gingerbread house decorating). 
Stamp when she sat on the potty and tried but didn't go.
Prize every 8 stars/pees.
Prize for every poop.

The program is basically you say goodbye to diapers. So we packed up any diapers she had left and we brought them to Ryder's room. I explained that she was a big girl now and only needed her new underwear and Ryder would use her diapers because he was still a baby. She couldn't really care less and just said "ok".
You are suppose to spend 3 day in just underwear [no pants] and not leave the house.
We did do this but Day 1 and 3 we went for 2 walk with Cruz because there is really no way to avoid those walks! {Mom and Dad took Cruz for Day 2!} She did stay dry for all walks.

The approach is not to sit on the toilet and TRY it's to put them in charge and remind them over and over to "keep their underwear dry" and to remind them to "tell Mommy if you need to use the potty" instead of asking them if they need to use the potty constantly. This way they learn the sensation of having to pee means they have to run to the potty.

The first morning...oh the first morning. :( We had gone through all her new underwear in the first 3 hours. Thank goodness we had back ups and I could do a load of laundry at nap time. 
I had cleaned up more pee and washed the floors more that morning...oi. 
I made the mistake of giving her some juice diluted in her water first thing in the morning {she rarely ever gets juice} but I wanted her to have to pee but she chugged that darn juice and peed like crazy all morning! I was feeling so defeated and she was getting annoyed but we managed to get through the morning with FINALLY a pee on the toilet and it's like it clicked.

After Day 1 around dinner time and only having 3 stars we decided to quickly change the prize system so she got a prize after 4 stars in the hopes she would pee one more time that day and get a prize so she would be rewarded and hopefully motivate her for the next day.

She did and was SO excited about her Kinder Surprise.

At night and naps they are supposed to just be in underwear but I personally didn't want to have to potentially clean the sheets and sleepsacs after all sleeps so we put her in underwear with a swim cover over top. Kinda cheating - but as Whit said - it's not cheating it's smart. :) And I agree. :)

She LOVED the chart and was very motivated by it and obviously the treats.

After Day 1 she just took off! She had no accidents after our first terrible morning until Saturday night and even then I blame us as we had a house full of people and didn't stay on top of her with reminders and she was busy playing. She even went to Gymnastics on Day 4 and to drop in Gym with my parents and grocery shopping Day 5!

She was SO proud of herself for completing her chart. I made another one of the back and she completed that one too. So she is now a Potty Princess and no longer needs a chart. ha ha

Delainey did have an accident Sunday night because she was laughing too hard with Auntie Jolie {she is just too much fun that Auntie!!} and then when her and I went to a play place yesterday she told me she had to go but the bathroom was on the other side of the building and as we were running there I could feel she went and she was SO sad about it.

She pooped on the potty herself Day 2 after telling me to get out of the bathroom and she shut the door tight! She has been good at telling us since then as she wants "privacy" when she does this. She would always go poop behind a door when she was in diapers so I knew she would want to be left alone for this - which is GREAT! ha 
She had one "accident" sorta of but again - our fault - she went to the bathroom when Justin and I were both busy doing something and didn't hear her tell us - she sat on the toilet herself and went poop BUT didn't pull down her underwear. Whoops. We have been trying to stress to her she needs to come get us and tell us she needs to go instead of just running there as she still needs help with her pants and underwear but we will get there.

We have a potty bag we bring with us out of the house that has a little fold up travel toilet seat and she does great at going in public and other peoples houses now too.

So really - I think she's done SO good and we are just so darn proud of her.

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Kristin said...

I do not miss those potty training days, but it actually was easier than I anticipated. Glad D is doing so well and making life easier on all of you! :) We've been diaper free for so long over here I am totally dreading going back to square one again!

Jen Linton said...

lol ok I've never heard of a travel potty seat- but brilliant idea! Ps: even I was confused by the stool and seat in your bathroom today, but I managed ;)

Danielle said...

I love the chart, and I'm glad everything went sucessfully for you guys! My nephew (who turns 3 in Feb) just finished potty training last month, he had absolutely no interest in it until then, and it was like a switch just flipped.

Leigh said...

So glad that it went relatively well! This is the one parenting thing I'm not really looking forward to, but will have to come back to this post when it's our turn!

Laura said...

How exciting! My first did so well, but our second (both boys) is just now starting to get the hang of things at almost 3 years old. Everything in its time, right? :)

Murdock's mama said...

Go D! 👏🏼

Stacy said...

Good job! Potty training can be very trying...I def had a harder time with Tanner...they say boys are harder...

Bex said...

Awesome! Good job Delainey!!

I have wanted to try the 3 day method. Nicole sent it to me ages ago, but between work, his dads, etc I just knew that it would be hard to find three days to work on it. I made Liam a chart a couple weeks ago and he's been doing so well at my house. Day home and his dad's house are a different story but he's getting there.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So awesome!!! I'm glad it went so smoothly, after the first day! Love the potty chart idea- I'll definitely do that with Leo. I don't think I will pull out the little potty either. I hated cleaning it. I'm scared because I've heard boys are harder than girls :/

Nikki said...

Oh how awesome it is that this was so seemless for you guys! I can only hope and pray that it is this seemless for us as well! Thanks for sharing!

Erin said...

That is fantastic! She's such a big girl! We have been working with Landon but he just isn't quite ready yet...but so great for Delainey!

Carolyn said...

OMG! Go Delainey! Weston is super intrigued by the toilet, but I don't think we're there yet. Or at least mom isn't? HAHAHA! Potty training terrifies me!

Kaella Carr said...

YAY!!! Nice job D!! London still won't poop on the potty but has been peeing for a few months now. I hear boys are harder than girls but I think he's just being stubborn now ;)

Whit said...

So proud of her and you! She nailed this cause her mama works HARD and is so consistent. Nicely done and thanks for the kick in the pants for me ;) Two potty trained girls now... no more toddler diapers is SOOO nice! xox