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If you asked me this time around what my top 10 must haves for baby #2 are - our Happy Baby Wrap is most definitely in this list. I didn't have a wrap carrier with Delainey and now sure wish I did.

I use it twice a day for both our walks and often a third time if Ryder wants to be held and I need my arms for Delainey, making dinner, etc. or if we go out to play in the backyard. 
Obviously we love it!
The first thing I noticed about this wrap when I pulled it out of the super cute box is how incredibly soft the bamboo blend fabric. It also comes with a handy carrying bag that Delainey quickly claimed as her own for all her thousands of treasures she collects around the house each day.

It comes in 9 different wraps colors/designs to choose from - I went with the Slate Stripes.

What I love:

- It's so light weight so it doesn't take up too much room in my diaper bag. I always throw it in it when we go out.

- Once I used it a few times it's a breeze to put on. There are easy instructions included with your wrap and online.

- It's breathable & super soft. Would be perfect for summer but also great right now as it's not bulky under my winter jacket.

- Ryder is so cuddly and close to me in it. :) Plus it's one size fits all - not matter how big/small the adult is or baby is. It ergonomically supports babies up to 25lbs.

- It must be comfortable for him because he always falls asleep in it!

- No buckles or snaps. Machine wash and dry.

Definitely a must have in my opinion!
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Bex said...

Very cute. Babywearing was a life saver with Liam. I never did have a wrap like that but I had some structured carriers that I loved (Ergo, Babyhawk).

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awe R looks so happy and cuddly in it :) I had a wrap one with Avery and we both hated it, she hated being that cuddled up (very weird baby) and I felt like it was just massive amounts of material I tried to wrap around me. I would love to find one that was smaller lol! I think baby wearing this time around with #2 will be a must!

Ashley said...

Glad to see you are loving it. We did not like our wrap with Noah, as I found it a pain to get it on, but we did use it a few times! I did buy a new baby carrier for this baby and actually I can use it for Noah too, although I think he's beyond that haha. I also think baby wearing will be key with a toddler running around haha!!

Jen Linton said...

I could have used a carrier like that with Wes when he was smaller. Definitely on my list next time around