{Christmas 2015}

Happy Friday! :) Oh boy it's cold out there but I am ready for a weekend for sure! Figure I better get our Christmas recap up before another week passes! Oi. I need time to stand still for just a day so I can get caught up on life!

This guy was excited it was Christmas eve!

I was excited all day to get to my parents house that night because Jolie's brother flew in that day to surprise her from San Diego! She knew her parents were coming for Christmas for NY but Max told her he couldn't make it. I LOVE surprises!!
Ryder got all dressed up and looked oh so handsome.

Delainey looked ridiculously pretty. I curled her hair for the first time and I wish I took a photo of her smirk when I showed her in the mirror.

Party animal.

Justin took about 15 photos and this was the one that was the least blurry! She is a squirmy monkey!

My handsome boys.

Jolie was SO surprised when she walked in and saw Max sitting on my parents couch having a beer. :) LOVED it. After that surprise we headed out to my parents friends place that we always go to on Christmas eve.

We came home so Gramma Debbie could join us and so Delainey could get her Santa cookies ready and get her {& Ryder's} new jammies from Nana. So cute. Nana always got Jeff and I new jammies Christmas eve and then got Justin and Jolie new ones too and we decided this year to only get them for the Great Grand kids! Thank you Nana!

The Night Before Christmas with Pa.

Black/MacPhee/Menendez first Christmas together and hopefully not last! We all slept over at Mom and Dads.

Everyone that joined us Christmas eve at my parents! Selfie stick for the win!!

We played a really fun game that Mom and Dad taught us that is mix of 3 games - even my game hating husband played! LOVED that and it was a ton of fun. 
We also played a very serious game of Pie In Your Face!

I forgot to pack both Momo her sleep clock and her sleep sac for our sleepover {Mom fail} so I was pretty nervous about Delainey's sleep. Especially since all 5 of us were sharing a room but she did so good and even slept later than she EVER has! 

I did a really poor job of taking photos Christmas morning but that's ok. Delainey got Elmo from Santa which is what she kept saying she wanted as she saw him a few time at ToyRus and Walmart but once she HAD him she was kinda freaked out by him! ha

Jolie's family. LOVE them. Wish they lived closer! :( 

After we got through all the gifts - so spoiled - we had a delicious brunch made by my Mom and then we all headed home for naps. Or laying with a baby on your chest if you are me. :)

Then we headed back to Mom and Dad's for a delicious dinner!

The next morning we tidied up the hurricane that went through our house and then hit the road for the lake!

Thankfully we have 2 awesome travelers! 3 actually but Cruz went with my parents. :)

Text from Mom!

Showing Ryder the lake for the first time! I know he will love this place!

We didn't get Momo while we were at the lake and Delainey slept until 8 both days. A Christmas miracle! Peace out Momo! ha

Watching the guys go snowmobiling with Auntie.

Delainey, Ma and Cruz

Getting ready to skate for the first time with Dad.

She didn't love it...but thankfully did her second time! :)

All bundled from watching his sister skate.

The most perfect view! 

I was cozy on the couch with this guy and a tea while the above was going on,

Lots of fun with Auntie Jolie.

It was such a nice couple of days spent with our family and Jolie's family. They had heard so much about the lake it was nice to show Kathy, Ed and Max where we spend so much time. Now they just need to come back when the lake isn't frozen! :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love R all dressed up and that you curled D's hair, so cute!! Great family photo too :) I think new pjs on the 24th is a must! Sounds like a great time at the lake!

Bex said...

That sounds like so much fun. Great that you had so much family around.

Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun Christmas! That's so fun that Jolie's brother came out to surprise her. Love your grey dress too!

findingpurehappiness.com said...

Great pictures! Looks like it was a wonderful Christmas ♡♡

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What a great Christmas! So awesome all your families could be together!

Murdock's mama said...

The 5th from the last photo...all the heart eyes!!! <3

Ashley said...

Sounds like a fantastic Christmas!!! Love that you curled D's hair! Haha!! I still need to finish recapping mine, hopefully this week haha. Glad you enjoyed the lake!! Looks beautiful as usual!