{Bean + Boo}

In Ryder's short almost 3 months he proves to be so different from his sister over and over again! 
One of these areas is: drool.
He blows the biggest spit bubbles and has already had moments where the front of his shirts are soaked. Delainey never did that even when she was teething! She does think his spit bubbles are pretty awesome and always calls me over to show me what Ry can do!
Thankfully I found this sweet etsy shop called Bean + Boo Company  run by a sweet mama named Grace from Vancouver, BC.
Her shop is full of items for boys and girls - take a peek...

^ Hedgehogs!! Delainey may need this one!

And the cutest fabric choices!

He was feeling pretty stylish! :)

 It has 2 snaps on the back so you choose the length and the backside is a soft terry cloth as well if you wanted a plain white bibdana!

It's soft, cozy and really flexible - Delainey had one that was really stiff so I really never put it on her even for style as it didn't seem comfy.

And she even made Delainey a matching top knot headband!

 You can choose the length of headband you need and can even have Mommy & me headbands! :)

You KNOW how much I love matching and even better if it's the kids matching!

Real life. Ryder is like "ok Mom we're done now!"

Gah! I l just love them so much! 

Now you can shop Bean + Boo and get 25% off your order using code OURLIFE25

Be sure to check this shop out on Instagram @beanandbooshop
Thank you again Grace! 

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Ashley said...

Love that last picture haha. Soo cute!!! We had luck with the bibdanas we bought! Love the hedgehog print as well.

Leigh said...

Super cute products! And models too :)

Christy said...

oh! i like the two snaps idea! I bought some bibdanas and they are too tight and Ellie HATES them. I might have to check these out!

Whit said...

They're so sweet!! And you and your matching ;) lol It's pretty cute.. but I didn't say that ;)

Katie said...

so so cute!!! and love d's matching headband!

Gabriella said...

If I have kids, you are going to be their stylist! You find the cutest things! And I am a fan of the matching for sure!!