I love having the monthly photos of Delainey I took each month and was excited to take Ryder's too. They are so fun to look back on!

When I stumbled upon BATZkids on Instagram I knew I had to have one of her milestone blankets.

 Milestone Blanket

They are so unique and I LOVED the idea of them right away. Chelsie the lovely shop owner was due with a baby right around the same time as me too so we connected right away!
She is one creative and handy mama who also makes these cool Stroller Straps that attach your diaper bag to the stroller handle.

Not to mention they are so pretty!

Chelsie also sent me a pair of these stroller straps in Red Poppy along with a wooden teething ring that I know will come in handy when those pesky teeth decide to come in!

I couldn't wait to use the blanket so I used it to photograph Ryder when he was 1 week:

^  wooden teething ring

2 weeks:

 and 3 weeks as well until he turned 1 month and then used it for it's intended purpose!


I added text to my photos to customize it to what he's up to each month and think it will be nice to have to look back on for sure!

1 month:

2 months:

I love that as he gets older he will take up more and more of the blanket! And I know soon enough he'll be sitting for these photos and then probably won't want to stay on the blanket at all for his photos! Plus you can add fun items to the blanket depending on the season or whatever you want - like his RYDER train.
The blanket itself is so soft and the numbers haven't faded or peeled at all when washed a few times. Chelsie makes Initial Blankets as well that would be a really cute for newborn photos or for a baby gift.

Check them out on:
Instagram for giveaways, deals and inspiration if you get a blanket of your own!

Thank you again Chelsie!

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Bex said...

Love this blanket! I wish I had something like this with Liam.

Whit said...

SO cute!

findingpurehappiness.com said...

Love it!! I remember when you posted his 1 week photo and thinking what a great idea it was :-) He's just precious ♡

Ashley said...

Such a fun idea!! Love it!!! Best little model!!!

Jen Linton said...

I won her giveaway and can't wait to use it! (but will probably end up waiting for #2 for it) Plus I got one to give to my best friend who is due in March!

Leigh said...

She has such great stuff!

Christy said...

This blanket is so much fun!! Where did you get the Ryder train??

Katie said...

so fun!!! I want this blanket!