{5 things Friday}

Happy Friday! We've had a busy yet really fun week. Ready for the weekend and some time with Justin for sure. We have a fun family date planned for Saturday morning {Delainey is going to be so excited!} and then Justin and I have his company "holiday" party on Saturday night. Fingers crossed Ryder is a good boy for Ma & Pa. Delainey is already packing her bag as usual. :)

Ryder was 12 weeks on Wednesday. I am trying my best to take the same photos of Ryder and do the same things as I did for Delainey.

Ryder 12 weeks in and 12 weeks out!

And Delainey!

I can't believe he will be 3 months next week!

We had a fun play date here on Tuesday with Amelia {Leigh}, Sully {Brie} & Wes {Jen}. Everyone brought a snack so we ate, chatted and the kids played. It was great.

3 kids in a bed! {Before Wes arrived}


On Monday my Mom sent me a text offering to watch one of the kids so I took advantage of that and took Delainey on a date!
We went to TommyK Play. It's a fun place for her but she's still a bit small to get up most steps on her own and needs a boost so it's great if I don't have to stay with Ryder. We had a blast and I had a hard time keeping up with her crawling on my hands and knees everywhere!

Then we went for Frozen Yogurt!

I told myself when I was pregnant with Ryder that I would make a point of still having time with just Delainey so I loved having this morning with her. She's the best. Thank you again Mom.


Delainey got a fort building set for Christmas from Gramma Debbie and she loves building a fort with Daddy before bed. He asks for pieces and she "yes pease Daddy" and get them over and over. Cruz even joined them in their new fort last night! :)


Whit, Fin and Huck came over today. The pups played outside the whole time, the girls played and we chatted over coffee. It was so nice.

Donut treat from Auntie Whit!

These two play so awesome together and Cruz totally holds her own now that Huck is double her weight!

He is the sweetest! He may be huge but he's is a gentle giant. I took him out front to wait for his turn to load into the car and he just cuddles in for snuggles and kisses. I love him.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

What a fun week! I hope I can still get away with Avery often once C arrives. I think it is so important for them as they adjust to their new roles :) So many fun play dates too! This summer I promise to get my butt down there and join in on the fun! Enjoy your weekend :)

Bex said...

Looks like a super fun week! Love that you ladies all got together for a play date!

Leigh said...

Love those comparison pictures! I wish that I would have done that. That's fun that you and D got to have some mommy and her time. I bet she loved it! Have a great weekend :)

Kristin said...

Those 12 weeks in & 12 weeks out photos are so cute!!! Love that idea :)

Jen Linton said...

Huck is a BIG boy! It was great meeting up this week, hopefully again soon!

Ashley said...

Love the Fort kit! Such a fun idea!! Looks like Miss D enjoyed your little mommy daughter date! Soo sad to miss out on playdates!! Jealous you guys all live so close!

Murdock's mama said...

Super fun week!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's so fun that you had a little date with Miss D. She looks so much like you! I'm sure she loves having you to herself!

Ryder looks so much bigger than Delainey in those 12 week comparison photos!!

Whit said...

That fort thing looks awesome, I've seen those but I bet the kids would love them! Look at the difference between the two babies! That's insane!
What a fun mommy-daughter date!! Good on ya for doing that! Again I need a set of Rick and Jayne in my life ;) lol
We had an awesome playdate as always I love that they are so chill and Huck is obsessed with you and Cruz!! xox

Gabriella said...

Huck is amazing! So sweet that you had a mommy/daughter date! :)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aww I love those in&out photos you did of your kids! I'm seriously wishing I could go back in time now and do the same thing for Sully! Haha! The pictures and video from Sully pushing D's stroller around and around while making sure D was still following him still make me chuckle - too cute! That indoor play place looks a lot like Treehouse? Have you been there before? We should meet there one day! :)