{Western Bliss}

Happy Friday! This week has seemed long. I am not sure why other than Delainey not napping and that being a gong show every afternoon to Instagram locking my account {first world problems I know - but how rude}!

Luckily I have an awesome shop to share and shopping makes all things better. Introducing: Western Bliss.
Not only is it Canadian it is local right here in Calgary! 
I always love supporting small shops and shopping locally especially with our Canadian dollar being so awful.

Michelle is the lovely shop owner and has picked such an awesome collection of jackets, sweaters, dresses, ponchos, shirts, scarves and updates the site with new arrivals all the time! That's what's special about small shops - you can find something that's different and unique from the big brand stores. 

Michelle sent me the Love Like Winter Sweater to review and show off and I honestly LOVE it.

I love everything about this sweater: the color, the print, it's thick and incredible quality, the fact that it's long enough to wear with leggings - but the back is what sold me on it. 
It's so unique. LOVE. 

Right now I swear my outfit consist of a tank top and a cardigan every darn day because it's easiest when nursing a milk monkey to not have layers, high necklines, yada yada and this sweater is so versatile I can wear it every second day and just switch up the tank and bottoms! ;) At least that's what I am telling myself!

Plus this sweater is SO cozy and soft. I am one of those people who always want a blanket when on the couch watching TV and this sweater is just like a blanket when you cuddle up on the couch.

Me showing my excitement over the pockets! It has pockets.

Now you guys can shop and get 10% off using the code ourlifeandtimes
until December 31st!

Check them out on:

Thank you again Michelle! 

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Stacy said...

you look great!!

Leslie said...

Love love love that sweater. I am all about wearing cardigans right now. I will definitely go check her website out  You always find the best local shops

Ashley said...

Look at you!! Are you sure you just had a baby?? You look fantastic!! Love that sweater too!! I'm heading over to take a peek!!

Whit said...

I love this sweater on you!

Leigh said...

Absolutely love this sweater! Can I copy you? ;)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

You look fantastic!! And I love, love, love that sweater. Hey, tank tops, leggings and cardigans are STILL my go-to outfits ;)

Bex said...


How come your IG account got locked!?

Katie said...

I LOVE that!!! i love the back of it!