{week+end rewind}

 Happy Monday! I wasn't sure I'd have a few minutes to sit and do this today but Delainey is actually napping {say what!??} and I am sitting in my towel from just having half a shower bouncing Ryder in his chair with my foot. He is NEVER happy with the fact that I want to shower. He screams blue murder while I shower and then pretty much smiles the second he sees me get out. Such a stinker

Alright rewinding back to Tuesday. We were supposed to have a play date with Jen & Wes but our kids nap times didn't line up so we quickly went down the hill to Joso's for a little playtime and lunch before Delainey would fight her nap and then not nap at all. :) It was toonie Tuesday there so the kids were just $2 {adults free}.
Delainey loves these scooters they have.

Ryder had a blast!

She's so brave there and just runs off to play and climb. Only coming back to give Ryder a quick kiss.

We had a quick lunch there and after she ate I asked if she wanted to head home or go play and she replied "I go have more fun Mommy".

Hat head. :)

She finished painting all her blocks - it's says Christmas.

Tuesday night we went to check out the Airdrie Festival of Lights. It was really pretty, a cheap activity and a decent temperature out so we can knock that off our list! :) I think Delainey liked it but I wouldn't say we'd go again.

 ^Ryder is under my scarf! :)

Wednesday our little man turned 6 weeks old SO I started working out again!! YAY! It felt so good to get back at it even though I also felt like dying at times! I am doing Focus T25 right now and then Justin and I will start Hammer & Chisel in the NY. {More on this program soon}

These two were clearly pooped from out workout! :)

Again with the fighting naps = this on our walks...

Wednesday night Nicole and I met at Cross Iron Mall to do a little Christmas shopping and visiting. We both knocked a few things off our list so I call it a success plus it's always nice to shop with a friend.

Thursday Ryder and I had our 6 week check ups - Ryder is 9lbs 3oz!! What a chunker! I was pretty excited to hear that and our doctor gave us both a big thumbs up. We went to visit my parents afterwards as they just got back from Maui and then we went home to play the nap game. It's so super fun. Oi.

Friday Whit, Fin and Huck came over to play, visit, drink coffee, rip around the backyard and take some photos. It was an awesome morning. 
Fin & Delainey play so nicely together and Huck & Cruz actually do too. They ran around the backyard together the whole time we visited! Huck has most definitely surpassed Cruz in height and weights at least 40lbs more then her already! Oh I just love him.

I'll share a few pics Whit took of Ryder and I in a few days. LOVE them. Shocking right?!!

Sleepy guy.

Why are you taking more photos Mom?

After they left we headed to the library as we had to return our books - I was proud of myself and was going to renew them all online which I did BUT 1 book we had was on hold so needed to be returned. Gah. So we just returned them all and got new ones. Plus a smoothie to share while we watched the kids swim.

Delainey did NOT want me to work out so I pulled out a bin of toys we were given {before Justin and I were even married!} and found this train set that she thinks is the best. Plus we discovered today that it's battery operated and goes around the track and plays music. Delainey was beside herself excited and Cruz was petrified! ha But it means workouts have been a breeze {for her!} since.

Alright finally the weekend! Justin is home! :) Post workout cuddles.

And snuggles.

We were telling him all about the Victoria's Secret Fashion show we were about to watch...he was SUPER excited...

 ha ha he makes the best faces and such real smiles now it's the best!

Saturday morning we went to say hi to the reindeer at the market by us before going to get groceries.

We played outside while Justin took his new indoor bike trainer for a spin.

I knew Delainey would only last a few minutes so we busted out the summer toys!

After a NAP {hallelujah} we headed up to my parents for dinner with Jeff and Jolie and GRAN! Gran is in town! Ryder was very excited to meet his GG. We had a delicious dinner and a great visit.

Sunday morning Justin thankfully got up with Delainey because Ryder had a bit of a rough night. Love our morning snuggles.

Justin and Delainey went out to the mall for a bit so I wrapped a bunch of gifts. Delainey spotted "the elf" in a window display and was SO excited! ha

When they got home Justin and I did a workout {he did T25 with me!} and then it was nap time for everyone so I got ready to the evening.
Delainey woke up with a bit of a cough and sniffles so we decided it was best for her to stay home with Daddy while I {& Ryder} went to out to the Christmas party with my girlfriends and their families. No one like the person who shows up with a sick kid to a party! She had a blast with Daddy but was in bed early.

My beautiful girlfriends and I. I feel so thankful to still be so close with these ladies and that we make time to see each other every month. AND that we all still live in Calgary!

We had an incredible spread for dinner. I brought Jolie's Ham & Cheese Croissant Roll-ups, Nana's Antipasto and Peppermint Oreo Fudge.

The kids shot went super well. :) ha

And just like that it was bed time and the weekend was over. Pout.

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Ashley said...

Over 9lbs already!! Wow! That is awesome!! It took Noah months to do that haha!! He is just soo cute. Love his facial reactions!! M and I are going to start the fix again in January, not the meal, just the works outs! I'm interested in hearing more about the hammer and chisel once you try it! Noah had a rough week of naps and a rough week den of bedtimes... But he did start putting himself to sleep at bedtime... Silly kiddos! Sounds like a fun week and weekend! Hopefully D is feeling better and you guys don't end up with it too!

Jen Linton said...

Ok we need to reschedule! Wes was just OFF last week! Yay for workouts again! Excited to hear hammer and chisel review

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I want to come for a playdate too! ;) You guys had a busy week! So impressed you fit in workouts with two little munchkins at home. So awesome you have such a close group of girlfriends that also live in the same city as you! The kids photo is hilarious, but classic ;)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Grow Ryder grow! That's awesome :-) And yes to working out again. I remember how much that changed my whole attitude after Avery. I also want to do hammer & chisel after baby.
You are doing great with the two kids, I read this post in awe!

Christy said...

ahh Ryder is already bigger than Ellie! I can't believe it. Happy 6 months mama! I'm starting T25 tonight!

Leigh said...

Ryder has the best hair and expressions! 9lbs already...way to go! You guys have been up to some fun stuff :) I'm jealous of your shopping trip :)

Gabriella said...

Super fun week and weekend! And YAY to working out again! Hammer and Chisel is on my list for 2016, and after 21 Day Fix Extreme, I think I am going to start up with my boy Shaun T again. :) Ryder's hair is pure awesome! Cute little babes!!

Katie said...

i can't get over his hair! I love it! and him! and way to go working out - you are doing awesome!

Whit said...

What a great weekend!! GRAN!!!!! Ahhhh Gran, tell her I say Hi!!! Love her so much. So awesome she got to meet Ryder so little!! Glad it was a wicked weekend and tell that Ryder if he keeps giving you hard nights I'll have to come over and take more photos ;) lol Or snuggles... I'll do either. ;)