{week+end rewind}

Weekends just go by in a flash it's so sad. We did have a good one though so I can't complain.
Rewind back a little to this past week...
Delainey had her last gymnastics class of this session. Thank you to Nana for coming to sit with Ryder while we had class and to Uncle Jeff for coming to watch and then joining us - Delainey loved it!

This was totally unprompted - ha ha LOVE this child.

Getting her certificate of awesomeness!

We set up our upstairs tree and I am officially never taking it down. It makes it so cozy up there. And I love that every night before Delainey goes to bed we all cuddle on the couch and watch a short/part of a Christmas movie/show. So far she has loved The Grinch and Charlie Brown Christmas. We even watched Cabbage Patch Christmas from 1984!

Her & Halloween dug for dinosaurs {aka turned the kitchen into a sand box if you are Delainey}. 
Such a fun treat bag from Nixon's birthday party.

These two have a rough life!

I made Cruz an advent calendar with dog treats in it and once we gave her the 1st treat she proceeded to sit in front of it for hours on end. Silly dog. {Saw the idea at a craft sale and regretted immediately not buying it - so I tried making one myself!}

Side note: Delainey has her Elf on a Shelf and an advent calendar my Mom made years ago and she is OBSESSED. First thing she wants to do in the morning now is look for Elf. It also comes in handy when she isn't napping and I can tell her the Elf isn't going to be happy with her being naughty. ;) {One day after a nap time refusal when we came down stairs she said "sowwy I's notey" to Elfie who was hanging from the light. ;)}

What happened when you don't nap...


I love switching out the photos in our gallery wall! :)

Friday we went down south to walk with Whit, Fin and Huck. Cruz and Huck had fun running all over the place and turning each other out. 
These girls. 

Friday night chillin' with Dad watching bike videos!

Saturday my cousins Amanda, Ashley and Scott came to visit and to meet Ryder. Failed to take some photos! After nap time Gramma Debbie also came for a visit.

Doing a Christmas craft - introducing her to glitter. She clearly loved it!

Sunday morning Justin headed out to the mountains to ride with Brian. There was a bit of snow but they got out riding in December!! 

We played outside and she went on the slide hundreds of times landing on her bum every time! It wasn't nearly cold enough for a snowsuit but she insisted. No mitts EVER though.

We facetimed with my parents and kinda wanted to sneak through the phone and join them on the beach in Maui. Just kinda...;)

After nap we went to get groceries and then Justin BBQd a delicious dinner of ribs - the night before was steak so come to think of it I've been spoiled. 
Our microwave crapped out last week unfortunately so hopefully when the guy comes Friday he can fix it easily {only time ever Justin has agreed to extended warranty I think! So lucky.}
But I never realized how many times I re-heat my coffee in the morning. 
I love iced coffee but not at 7am. Hear that kids! :)

This morning Crystal, Emerson and Nixon came to play and have lunch.

And cuddle!

Kids had a blast and Crystal and I enjoyed a {partially} hot coffee and chatted.
Ryder not sure he's ready for MORE kisses! :)

My goofy girl!

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Bex said...

Looks like a perfect weekend. So funny that Cruz sat there forever waiting for more treats!

I brought out Liam's elf last night, I don't think it's going to be a tradition for us. He doesn't understand that he can't touch her and had a meltdown that she had one of his whiteboard markers.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

How do we tell the girls naps are COOL?! Lol. I did not do Elf on a Shelf...yet... I am scared I would be the worst at remembering it.
I love all your baby photos FYI so keep them coming!

Murdock's mama said...

Love all the pics & D's hat & C's advent calendar {makes me miss Murdock more!} & I'm totally jealous of your parents!!

Ashley said...

Looks like a busy fun weekend!! Love the advent calander!! Haha! Look at Emersons hair and make up!! Fancy!! Love the selfie of you and D!! Noah is working on one hr naps lately!! Love all the pics of Ryder!!! He's too cute and such a mix of you both!!

Leigh said...

That's so fun that Jeff came and participated in the class! Makes me wish that my brothers lived closer. Love the advent calendar for Cruz...Harley would never leave it alone if there was treats in there!

Jen Linton said...

I saw that advent calendar at spruce meadows too and even joked to the women that Reggie would manage to attack it even if I put it on our ceiling! Also lesson learned about wrapping any food related gifts and putting them under the tree and candy in stockings..

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Delainey's hair is getting so long! She looks so grown up with her long hair! That is fun that her uncle came to her last gymnastics class!

I want to keep my tree up forever, too. I love the warm glow it provides. It makes my place feel way more homey!

Gabriella said...

The calendar for Cruz is such a cute idea. I am going to make one for Homie next year! :) Such a fun weekend, and so great that Uncle Jeff came to gymnastics. She looks thrilled. Ryder's bow tie is too much!

Katie said...

that's so funny cruz just sat there waiting! :)